Need a Distraction

Last night after a good cry with Josh who was probably scared (he hates to see me cry of course) of my emotional melt down, I decided to distract myself by writing in my journal and all the while playing music from my iPad.

The song playing was Coldplay’s “Fix You”…well Sky looked up and kept tilting her head and started staring at the iPad!  I got a good laugh about that.  She looked so curious.

Today I called the vet at 8:15am to tell her we had decided to put Nani down, BUT I asked how she was doing and the vet said she was doing very good.  She hasn’t pooped at the vet, so they haven’t seen any bloody stools.  Say WHAT? Huh?

Of course Nani Girl is doing good!  She’s always great at the vet.  This dog is seriously toying with my emotions.  See my biggest creep factor about putting her down is that when you look at her, you think she is perfectly fine, because of the steroids.  It’s seriously playing with my head.  I know she has SARDS, I know her health will go up and down in the next few years…so what do I do?!

The vet said they will take her off the fluids (because it’ll be CHEAPER for me, her words, seriously), and they will feed her and give her a water bowl.  See I can’t even afford to have them give her an IV every day and I so don’t want to do it at home.

So they will feed her, see what her poop looks like and go from there.  But we really don’t have the money to keep her alive.  In the past two weeks I’ve dropped almost $2,000 on her care.  On Saturday I’m thinking the bill will be about $800.  😦  If we bring her home on Saturday because she’s “okay” and if something happens in the following week to her again and Josh isn’t getting paid, then I’m not even going to try and save her.  I will take her to the vet and say that’s it.    

Most likely Josh will be furloughed tomorrow when the government shuts down.  Yup…meaning he will not get paid, for how long?  We have emergency funds thank goodness, enough to pay our mortgage for about 5 months on hand…but as Josh says, what’s not to say they won’t keep doing this every stinking month.  Passing one week extensions, one month extensions…etc…it’s soooo absolutely stupid.

Yesterday he said his co-worker asked if he could ride with Josh to work.  Yes, people who don’t live in Hawaii, do you know that unleaded gas is $4.20 and up in our state?  His own co-worker who has a wife and child can’t afford gas right now.  Josh is taking him to work all this week, but if he is furloughed, then…(sigh) Poor guys.

It’s a sad situation all around.  Everyone trying to live the “american dream”, what the hell does that mean these days?  Maybe the american dream now is “how NOT to become homeless”…:-P

I hope everyone is hanging in there in this economy and stressful times.  In the end we have to appreciate what we have and hope things turn around.  I just can’t believe the people that work so hard always end up getting so screwed and yet, the rich get richer.


2 thoughts on “Need a Distraction

  1. hey there! for the sake of the hard working people of this country, i hope the people in dc make a real decision soon and put aside their political agendas…hang in there. hugs ~heidi

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