Some Great Websites You Should Checkout :-)

Hi All!  So I’m being productive today: went grocery shopping, arranged appointments for my dress fitting and hair and make-up trial, walked the dog, been blogging and reading blogs!  So here are some blogs I’d like to share with you.  Some of these blogs and websites are from people I know and admire, so check out their stuff and be amazed too! Enjoy!

photo via skinnymoose

photo via

This blog oh, hello friend: you are loved, is purely feminine and oh so delicate.  Enjoy!

photo via lifefullofloves
Here’s an old college friend, Mrs. Heidi Becker rockin’ out those boots.  I LOVE!! Check out her website Life Full of Loves!  Not only is this chica stylish and lovin’ life-she’s traveled all over the world.  I’m so jealous, but since I can’t do it, I’m going to live vicariously through her blogs!  Woohoo!  Can’t wait to see where she goes to next!

photo via Elle A. Luvs Make Up
Here’s another of my friend’s doing her thing and starting to blog about it.  (i love blogs!) Her site is under construction with only a few posts but stay tuned on some make-up tips.  Check it out at Elle A. Luvs Make Up.

photo via
Another friend of mine, Malia Yoshioka, is another renowned world traveler and such an inspiration.  This adventurous young lady has taken trips all over the world.  Her last trip lasted almost 6 months.  That’s right, you heard me, half a year!  She’s also a fabulous writer, check out her stuff at The “in-between jobs” blog to read about her 6 months travel sabbatical.  Also fascinating is her Vagabonding Case Study interview, click here to read it. 

photo via Tales of Awesomeness
This one is by Josh’s friend Andy.  Apparently I have a thing for travel blogs-thanks everyone for posting pics of where you go and making me jealous! Haha…nah just kidding!  I act like I haven’t been anywhere!  Andy also has another blog dedicated to his thoughts.  Can’t wait to hear of his adventurous in NYC since he’s moving there, now that should be interesting!

photo via The Wire
Of course I featured these guys in one of my Squidoo Lenses, but here they are again.  They are from Hawaii, so please support them!
They have a Myspace
and a Facebook
and a tumblr…lol…
and wait they have a Twitter
and are on Pure Volume...
And then some! Haha…hey guys when will you have your own website?  Just wondering…

Got a blog or website you want me to feature?  Hit me up, I’ll check it out and add it to my posts!

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