Dedicated to our Four-Legged Best Friends

Today I don’t know how I feel.  I’m mentally strung out yet happy and worried…

Nani-Girl is doing great at the vet and the vet told me to give her one more chance.  How can I say no to that?  I can’t!  I do believe that Josh and I have to agree that when she comes home, if something happens to her once more health wise, we cannot afford to keep giving her treatment and we will put her down.  Our wallets and emotions can’t handle it!

I apologize for making everyone’s emotions yo-yo along with mine.  There are a lots of people that love Nani-Girl which include my nephews and I really thought twice now, she would be put down.  I actually had to get my mind wrapped around losing her.

This dog keeps proving me wrong all the time, since the day I took her in!  Which sort of makes me laugh-they say your dogs reflect you at times and she reflects me in that she is moody and stubborn!  She reflects Josh in that she’s so affectionate, haha.

I cried a lot of tears this week because of her.  Josh saw me when I had a melt down.  I will bring her home and really monitor her health and lifestyle this time. I will make sure she won’t get to run wild even if she’s on steroids.  We need to get back to a somewhat normal life or I will have a another break down.  Haha! She won’t get to eat everything she begs for, she will learn to be kenneled and I will put in the time and I need to buy her dog shoes!

I’ve missed her a lot these few days, Sky is sulking and pulled Nani’s towel from Nani’s kennel!  She misses her crazy big sister too.  But this is it and I know Dr. K is optimistic about Nani, she has to be, this is maybe the one SARDS case that she could monitor and learn from.  Her treating Nani-Girl will help her know how to treat the next SARDS case that comes a long.  It’s a horrible disease and it’s a shame there is not much literature about it.

So forget all my other posts about me putting her down.  Instead, Nani-Girl is coming home tomorrow.  Thank you all for your kind words, I think your prayers are seriously pulling this dog through, she’s a miracle dog!

Here are some dog photography books that are fun, this is dedicated to the dogs we love and care for.


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