Government Shutdown? Ridiculous. Support our Military!!

What pisses me off about this government shutdown is:

* Josh will be furloughed for we don’t know how long
* the stupid BLAME game going on all over capitol hill and the media
* What is the big deal about Planned Parenthood? Back in the day I went to Planned Parenthood because I didn’t have health insurance and wanted to get a pap smear and some birth control pills-argue about that LATER.

But what sickens me, disgusts me, and enrages me?

How dare they even think about cutting military pay or even death gratuities for families that lost a loved one in war?  That is NOT acceptable.  Totally not acceptable at all.

I was once a military wife.  A brief time only when I was married to Bobby.  These guys and girls who have to go to war, live in dirt, eat dirt, bathe in dirt or not bathe at all, deal with cold and heat and bombs and bullets.  Yes, they volunteer for it, but that doesn’t mean they should be treated like dogs because they are the ones on the ground doing everyone’s dirty work!

Josh was also in the navy and he knows how it is to live on the paychecks the military gives you.

Not only do the wives and families back home rely on the paycheck to pay bills, they are paying the bills while being APART from their spouse.  It’s a stress most people can’t handle.  And to cut their pay?  It’s horrible.  And so tell me, what are these troops dying for?

Oh right, they are dying just so that congressmen and women can stand on their pulpit and rant and rave and argue instead of working together to make this country better.  No one even knows what “better” means anymore and that’s a shame.

If the government shuts down in two hours or so, Josh will be furloughed.  It’s okay because we have savings to get us through to paying our mortgage and bills.  It’s fine.  But even he said the thing that bugs him about being furloughed is that he is considered “non-essential” and he is a man, he wants to know he is needed at his job.  To have them tell him, go home and don’t come to work, when he WANTS to work…?

I don’t understand government.  I don’t even understand how people we vote into office can’t get a deal done.  If I was working and was put in a team (as I was assigned in my last job) and given a project with a deadline…YOU GET IT DONE each time or you may risk losing your job!  It’s a mark against you if you cannot “do your job”.  I was a manager, I know this!  I had to warn many of my employees about their lack of productiveness.  I hated doing it, but my supervisors and higher ups would tell me it needed to be done and I did it or else I’m not doing MY job.

Maybe our congress men and women need employee training.  What idiots, if I was their manager I’d have fired them last week. Haha.

  I say instead of cutting military pay, take away the salaries of our lawmakers since they are not doing THEIR job.  Let THEM take the brunt of the shutdown “for the people”.  Since they “serve” us because we voted them IN, let them give up their pay!  I want to see how they feel when they have no money coming in.

They wouldn’t even blink because I’m pretty sure they have other investments.

Total rubbish.  I’m so irritated about it. As of CNN’s clock there is 1 hour and 53 minutes left to the shutdown.


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