Nani Girl Ain’t Done Yet! Update: 040911

Yes, she is home.  Again.

Sorry to make people cry with the last post-I didn’t mean too!  I was crying while writing it so I guess my emotions seeped through.

So today, Josh and I got to the vet late since there was an accident on the freeway.  At the vet’s office we encountered a very handsome English Mastiff who was a little over 1 year old and 156 pounds.  He’s gaining 2 pounds every week.  He was the cutest, largest beast I ever saw!  Can you imagine feeding that thing and the size of it’s poop?  Wow.

So Nani heard Josh calling out for her and she perked up.  I love to see her excited to come home.  She looked great.  The doctor said she was really good so hopefully she tolerates this 2nd round of steroid shots that was administered to her today.

The vet tech told me she was good except the first day she stayed there she chewed off her IV needle 3 times.  Oh dear and ouch.  I’m glad I wasn’t the one dealing with that. She said other than that she just chilled in the kennel and fell asleep.

This dog didn’t sleep all last week because of the steroids and diarrhea so I am so glad to say she slept a lot today since coming home at 1pm.  It’s already 11:30 pm as I write this and she’s been very tired.  Night and day, day and night, the moods of this dogs keeps on changing.  I just pray she does fine from now on.

Today she got herself upstairs and realized I was still downstairs and tried valiantly to walk down by herself but she is very scared.  She’s slid and fallen way too many times I think.  With the last steroid shot I noticed she had no caution in whatever she did, this time, she puts on the breaks which is a very good thing!
I did try to help her down with coaching, even Sky helped by sitting on the step I wanted Nani to take.  Nani made it down four steps before chickening out and going back upstairs quickly.  I took pity on her and carried her down.

She got her lunch and was fine, paced around a little looking for more food but I refused to give her any more than she should have so she went to sleep.

She woke up 30 minutes later when I stood up from the kitchen table and went upstairs.  Of course  Nani-Girl followed me up.

I worked on my wedding invitations and I screwed up on half of them, it’s fixable but still I was so annoyed it took me about 3 hours to work on them today.  Nani paced a few minutes but then finally fell asleep, with little sister Sky on the floor.

Nani woke up when I started to move around the room, which was hours later as I left my stamped invitation to dry.  I put her on the bed this time because she wanted to stay in my arms but I couldn’t do my invitations with her in my lap.  Josh came in the room to hang out with us which was perfect timing.

Sky looking out the window

Nani Girl making sure she knows I’m there

Then Sky started to show her jealousy.  It’s always over Josh.  If Josh gives Nani Girl too much attention, Sky tries to get his as well.  See, Sky enjoyed Nani not being in the house because she got so much attention from us.  I am determined to give them both equal attention this time since I know what to expect from Nani Girl on steroids.

Sky trying to sneak in a kiss on Josh’s face with NaniGirl between them.

Finally!  Sky has alone time with her favorite guy!

Nani-Girl is doing fine and I’m so glad.  It’s been such a roller coaster around here I just want some peace and order in my house.  We are glad we have Nani-Girl back and that she’s doing okay.  It’s crazy, maybe because I didn’t give up on her, she won’t give up on herself either? 🙂  I really don’t know why she’s still alive, she was seriously on death’s door one too many times.  But she’s here…I can’t believe it.

And since there has been a lot of focus on Nani-Girl here’s my big princess Miss Sky, the other diva in the house, making me laugh and smile.  I hope you enjoy her clips.  She’s a sweet and funny dog!

Thanks for reading everyone!  And because I love huskies, enjoy the husky items below! Love ya!


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