Hawaii Gas Prices

How much are you paying for gas?

This morning Josh, my fiance said it cost him $68 to fill up his Lexus on the military base.  
“Are you bragging?”  I asked him.
“Yes,” Josh says.
“That’s nothing! I paid $46 for a half tank!  Can you imagine a full tank for my truck?”  I protested.
“Honey, I’m bragging because $68 is crazy, it usually takes $40 to fill my tank on base!”  Josh says with a laugh.
“I need a Costco card.”  I concluded.
photo via Michael Priceless
Kapolei – $4.35/unleaded (last week)
Houghtailing in Kalihi – $4.35/unleaded (Saturday)
Kam IV Road/N.School St./Kalihi – $4.29/unleaded (yesterday)
Are high gas prices cramping your style?  Or you don’t really care?
I care since I don’t work but I do go into town (Honolulu) to babysit every week.  I also go to town every week lately because of my dog Nani-Girl for her steroid shots and recheck appointments.  Also, my friends live in town and if they don’t have cars I drive and we have lunch or dinner in town.  A lot of things are concentrated in Honolulu, which is 20 miles away from where I live.
Josh takes his co-worker to work with him because his co-worker can’t afford gas.  A lot of my friends car pool to get to work in the city.
If I had a job in town and drove in 5 days a week, I’d be spending about $390-$400 a month on gas.  Some people spend much more since my engine isn’t powerful.  When I did have a job in town, I took the bus at $50/month.  But taking the bus cost me about 3 hours of commute time in my day.  So either way there are pitfalls, I just hope there is some solution to this gas problem.
Living in Hawaii is expensive enough.  Trust me, if you went grocery shopping here, you’d faint at the prices.  If unleaded gas hits over $4.50…then what?  It’s scary to think people it soaring up to $5.00 by the year 2012.  
Okay then, if that happens, then the world can end.  I won’t be able to live IN it!

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