Here’s Her Update: Miss Nani-Girl 041311

I am glad to report nothing wrong with Nani-Girl at all!  She’s been doing so well and Josh and I are overjoyed about it.

Sisters sleeping together

* Sky finds herself sleeping very near to her big sister, often.  It’s cute.
* She’s not pacing too much at night.  Only once during the night do I wake up to Nani pacing on the bed to be let off the bed.  When I let her down she drinks water and sleeps in her bed.  If she wants up, she’ll come to my side and scratch the bed frame so I wake up.
* She pants once in awhile, not as often as that first round of steroid shots she was given.  When she pants she looks like she’s smiling.
* She is still ravenous but she eats her meal, she’ll pace for a few minutes but she will give up and go to sleep.  Thank goodness!
* She walks really good as far as before, but not further, sounds of dogs barking makes her bark at nothing (the dog is usually far down the street and in the house…lol), she is afraid of loud engines, it’ll make her freeze in her  tracks.  But she will sniff, and she will journey as far as she wants and I don’t push her further.
* She is terrified of going down the stairs, but it’s A-okay.  Mommy, that’s ME…lol…gets down, I slap my thigh and say “up, up” which means to get on my lap so I can carry her down.  It works!  She’s fine going up though!
* She may be terrified of the stairs but she JUMPS off the couch…how do you figure that?!

She wants a TREAT and panting again…cute no?

She’s a very pretty girl! And more loving!
Sky unfortunately gets very jealous…LOL…look at that face staring at Nani-Girl

Scruffy dog, do you see Schnauzer in her?

Perky ears, good sign that she’s really using her hearing since she has no sight!

I am so pleased about her progress right now.  She’s living like how I thought she would be living even though she’s blind.  Nani-Girl is a fighter and I’m glad I can spend more time with this girl.  She still has the SARDS but this steroid and thyroid treatment I think is helping her be comfortable.  I am also more restrained in spoiling her and its a win/win situation!

I’m just glad I’m writing GOOD things about her now!  Aren’t you glad too?


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