A honeymoon in a castle?

 I may not be a princess kind of girl.  I like to imagine myself more of a queen.  Haha!  So Josh and I keep going back and forth about where we want to go for our honeymoon.  We want children right away, meaning we want to try after the wedding..but we also want to go on our honeymoon.

Lately I’m leaning more towards Europe.  We’re thinking once we have kids, there won’t be too many european escapades for us because it’s so far, so why not go for our honeymoon.  And where in Europe do we want to go?  Josh wants to go everywhere!  I want to stay at a castle.

Photo via: Luis Pires

Photo via: Beautiful Places to Visit

Photo via: Rates to Go
Photo via: http://fairytalescastles-farawayplaces.tumblr.com/
Photo via: The Goddess Blogs
Photo via: http://castlehoneymoons.com/scottish-castles.html
So I was doing some research and this site gave me a great list of castle hotels: Honeymooner’s Review Guide
Photo via: Take a Tooth Brush
2. Chateau D’Esclimont – St.-Symphorien-le-Chateau, France

Photo via: SLH

3. Isle Marie – France

Photo via: Isle Marie

Here are more more sites on castle hotel stays!

Celtic Castles
* Budget Travel
* Sherman’s Travel
* Yahoo! Travel


If we don’t stay in a castle, then we could tour them!  That would be awesome too!


I’ll do more research and see what we can do.  We’d like to see as much as europe as we can if we are traveling a long way!  So we shall see!


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