Some of my favorite books!

The people that know me well, know that I am a book lover, like you wouldn’t believe.  I read 2-3 books a month.  Even if that includes a book I already own and have read already.  So of course I created a Squidoo Lens about my favorite authors and books: read to see what books I’m talking about.

Another fun thing about these young adult books that I love, is that most of them are coming to a theater near you!  Yes…and I’m a bit wary about it because I hope they don’t ruin it.  I loved the first three Twilight books, but the movies kind of killed it for me. Unfortunate but it happens, right?

I’m very excited to see the Hunger Games.  If you haven’t read the series, read it before the movie comes out in March 2012.  No, there is nothing about vampires in it, but the story is good and heart-breaking.

Another one I’m ecstatic about, but I hope they really don’t mess it up on the big screen, is The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare.  Hot warrior angels, oh, I’m so there!  And yes the series hasn’t ended, book 4 just came out and it is fantastic!

And the Vampire Academy?  Butt-kicking Rose Hathaway is a damphir (vampire guardian), I love the Romanian mythology behind it, it’s actually how I like my vampires.  With eastern european accents.  This would be a good series to do as a movie, lots of action!

Check out my lens and read these books if you haven’t!  And I am so excited for 2012, since all these movies are coming out then-what a coincidence!


2 thoughts on “Some of my favorite books!

  1. hello there! thanks for visiting me. 😉 thanks for sharing your book loves. i love series books so i will check out your recommendations. i'm starting to read fall of the giants (1st of 3) by ken follett electronically…my first time reading electronically.

  2. @ Heidi – I read electronically, but I still miss holding a book! Haha, so I do both. And since you are a traveler…any chance you've stayed at a castle? Josh and I are trying to plan our honeymoon and want to go to europe.

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