Dog Days: Expensive Gas? Then I’ll Stay Home. Heh.

So what do I do to combat these gas price blues?  I stay home and take pics of my doggies.  Also read, work on wedding stuff and bother Josh until he’s pulling his hair out…hahaha…I love my little family 🙂

Nani-Girl so pretty in black and white.

I love her big paws.

All Sky wants to do is sleep.  Even with Nani pacing around on the bed.


She looks so funny with one ear back!

Sorry Sky, I know you want to cuddle.

Okay she’s cute, but a little demented.  Just a little.

Put that tongue away girlie.

* Okay, before I filmed this, Nani Girl was really going after the ball.  To the point Josh said, “you think she can see?”…NO, I said but I think she hears very well.  Especially when the ball hit the fence.  She even bit the ball, it was why I wanted to film it, but by then she gave up on playing with the ball.
* As far as Sky…she sucks at playing soccer and don’t worry, she was hit by the ball, but she wasn’t hurt at all.  Her reflexes are not the best when playing soccer, Nani-Girl was a pro at it. She’d watch your feet to anticipate where you go with the ball.  Sky stands there…lol…hence why she gets beaned with the ball all the time.  Plus, the ball is kind of flat…Nani punctured a whole it it when she could see.

Okay, I lied.  After cleaning, cutting the grass and chillin’ at home, we ended up going out anyway, gas prices or not, but we stayed close to home.
First we went to Borders Waikele.  They are closing down, which saddened Josh.  I never frequented this Borders much and to me I was SAD because all the books from my favorite authors were wiped clean!  Bummer.  I wanted to get the whole Sarah Dessen collection in paperback.  
What’s left of the Young Adult section at Borders Waikele
I got some cheap romance novels (bodice rippers here I come!) for me and my sister to read.  Not much of that section was left either!  It’s great that people still LOVE books.  Sad for west oahu that the only bookstore on this side closed down.  But we still have our libraries and maybe they’ll open a Barnes and Noble out in Kapolei?  Come on, you NEED a bookstore if you are building a college campus out here.  Right?
Then last night, we were craving Tasty Chicken from Aiea Bowl and headed out to Aiea.
Tasty Chicken…yummmm
Garlic Chicken + Tasty Chicken, so ONO.
Some updates?
Nani is due for her next shot on Wednesday.  I noticed she seemed a bit lazy this morning…maybe because the steroid is wearing out.  Poor baby.  But I’m home today since my bro-in-law is home from working, so he’s watching his kids, and I get the day off. 
Josh and I are going to a Passover Seder dinner tomorrow, my first time, so it’ll be a learning experience for me! 
Alright with that said, gotta work on wedding stuff and bathe the dogs. Have a good day! 


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