Movie Night by Lexus

Okay, when Josh got the invitation in the mail all we knew was that Lexus invited him to a night at the movies.

We thought, cool, a free movie, we’re down!  I read the invite and it said it would be catered by Chef Chai Chaowasaree who owns Chai’s Island Bistro  I thought…free food?  We are SO there.

Even though the event was on a Wednesday night, we thought, we better go because usually we spend about $50 at the movies with tickets, drinks and food, so if we are getting all that for free, hey, we better take advantage of it.

Well, we didn’t know what to expect, but I met Josh at Ward Theaters, and I got there first so I was surprised at what I saw.

I cracked a joke when Josh arrived saying the whole parking lot across the theaters was like a Lexus car dealership.  He had parked there too, haha!

They rolled out the red carpet for all these Lexus owners.  I don’t own one, but Josh does!  Thanks honey for inviting me…hehehe…

We registered and got our VIP passes…lol…

And we got to choose between 3 movies to see, which all started at 7:35pm.  It gave us plenty of time, an hour and thirty minutes to drink and eat!

And they even had pictures on the red carpet, all free…and this is ours:

But my eyes lit up when I saw the waitresses holding trays of wine and champagne.  Did I already mention this was free?

White wine for me, Champagne for Josh, I should’ve stuck to the Champagne.
Here’s the pupu table.  Shrimp, poke, manapua, salmon, veggies!

Man, did those waitresses keep coming with refills (not for me, I only had one)
Nom, nom, nom, Josh and I came hungry!

Okay, I haven’t drank much alcohol in the past few years.  After the Seder last night and red wine, I realized I am such a weakling.  And since I was driving this night as well, I had one glass of wine…can you believe it?  I sipped his champagne which was so delicious…I think I’ve become more of a champagne drinker now.  Josh had about 5 glasses last night!

We stood at a table with various people coming through all evening and it was fun.  All of us asked each other, “how often do they do this?”…I don’t know, I’m not a Lexus owner.  They didn’t know either, so I’m assuming this was the first time they’ve done this?

But you know what I thought was so cool?  Most of the people there were elderly!  I kid you not!  It was so cool, we saw a hunched over 80 year old man with a champagne glass in hand.  Grandpa was having fun tonight!  And I didn’t blame him, I told Josh, these are the people who waited and saved money to buy their Lexus.  It was an awesome Thank You gesture from Lexus!  More companies should do this!


More champagne Josh?

The food table
It’s free.  Haha…more drinks?
Of course we were standing near the dessert table!

Crab cakes, hot dog in a bun, chicken curry kabob, vegetable lumpia.

Man we kept munching on everything!  But being by the dessert table was killer!

Dunno what the white bun was but it was good, raspberry tiramisu, peanut butter tiramisu and regular tiramisu.

I had 3 peanut butter tiramisu’s.  So GOOD.  Man just looking at it makes me want to eat more of it.  At one point we thought we should go inside the theater to see what was going on.

Lexus had reserved the whole right side of the theater for the event meaning there was MORE of the same food inside but it was PACKED.  And I was so hot and sweaty from the alcohol.  Yup, alcohol makes me hot.  We tried getting in line for Source Code, but there was no point, there was about 45 more minutes to go until the movie started and the inside was too hot for me to handle.  It was a “crush” of people, eating, drinking, and standing in line.

I have to say, it was a very happy crowd, I think they were amazed as I was at how pampered we felt.  This was put on by the Lexus staff and someone finally got on the microphone to welcome everyone and thank them “us” for being great customers. It made me want to get a Lexus just so I can keep going to these events! LOL…

Here we are standing in line and Josh is STILL eating.  Didn’t help that there was food all over the inside of the theater!!

Chillin’ outside and cooling off!

The movie was unexpectedly touching, that or I was buzzing off the wine!  The audience was a little subdued, which I thought was hilarious, they were all buzzin’ or tipsy and half of them were old people and probably taking a nap!!  So cute!!

Of course the ending lost me a little, I can’t watch movies that make you think when I’ve had alcohol!  But it was touching… especially that scene in the end when people are frozen with smiles on the train.  Awww…I teared up.  

Overall, we had such a good time.  We kept giggling throughout the night.  I told Josh if we got crappy seats because we were not standing in line, I was going to make-out with him in the theater all night.  Too bad, we got good seats.  He still wanted to make-out…and we giggled like silly teenagers because the thought was hilarious.  No, we did not make-out…we saved that for the privacy of our own home.  LOL…

(I can’t believe I used to make out in theaters as a teenager…bleh…)

I’m glad we didn’t pass up the invitation.  You know, it’s easy to say, it’s the middle of the week, Josh worked all day, we had come home late from the Seder the previous night, the dogs need to eat, blah, blah, blah…excuses.  We would have ended up passing it up!  But I’m really glad we didn’t 🙂

Thanks Lexus for giving Josh and I a great date night!


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