Super Dog, Nani-Girl: Update 042111

Nani-Girl is my Super Dog.

Took her to the vet to get her steroid shot yesterday and she brightened up the spirits of all the vet staff members.

Once they saw her they were like, “she looks so good!”

Yup, Nani-Girl looks great and is doing fantastic!

She gained 1 pound in 10 days.  Yay!

Dr. K was ecstatic or should I say, relieved.  She was saying “thank you” to ME and I shook my head and said THANK YOU guys here at the vet.

The vet tech said I was such a good mommy not giving up on Nani-Girl and I thought it was because THEY didn’t give up on her too.  So many people were pulling for Nani-Girl to make it, including all my readers of this blog.

But Dr. K was shaking her head and muttering, “she’s an amazing dog, really amazing”…this is Dr.K’s first SARDS case that has gone this far.  Nani-Girl just had her 3rd steroid shot.  She’s tolerated it very well.  She’s tolerated everything done to her very, very well!

When I told them she tried playing soccer with us they all were like, “what? can she see?!”

I said I don’t think so but she hears very, very well!  At times I think she’s looking at me, but I can’t be sure at all. She just hears me very well.  Her eyes are constantly perked up and she’s really using her available senses.

I’m slightly worried about the next phase of her treatment.  Dr. K is going to contact Dr. Plechner to see what to do next.  Continued steroid treatment is not in the plans, the steroids were only to boost her out of the funk she was in, the funk that brought her very close to death.

She’s still on thyroid medication (twice a day) and so far it’s been doing very well for her.  Dr. K did warn me they may have to do another blood test to send to the lab in Texas (last time it cost me $175 to send that thing!!!)  So…they may be the next step, but we will see, they will call me me this week.

I am glad she will be off the steroids because I don’t know what continued use will do to her, BUT I am worried that changing up her routine may cause something else to happen to her.  But I’m here for her for sure!

As usually when Nani-Girl and I came home, Ms. Sky was ecstatic, she brought her squeaky toy to Nani-Girl who really didn’t care for it.  She misses her big sister when she’s not around!  Silly dogs.

It was a good feeling bringing joy and hope to the vet staff-they work hard to keep other people’s pets alive and in good condition.  They are awesome!  Next time I am bringing them a dozen Hokulani Bakery Cupcakes to share, they so deserve it.  They love Nani-Girl as much as me I think! 🙂

And that’s why Nani-Girl is a Super Dog!


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