Chaotic Weekend

What a weekend.

The good news is:

* I found my shoes for the wedding.
* Mom and I spent time this past Friday and found her dress for the wedding and my dad’s shirt 🙂
* Got to see my nephews who always make my day.
* Planning our honeymoon to Europe, paid the deposit and bought our plane tickets!
* Checking off things on my wedding to do list…that’s ALWAYS a good thing.

The bad news is:

* A cousin of mine attempted suicide Thursday (but I feel like we don’t know the whole story at all…and the one person that is telling the story no one trusts) by supposedly hanging herself.  My mom and I visited her in the hospital and it was awful.
* I just got a call today saying her brain is swelling and there is barely any brain activity when they checked.  It’s miniscule.  The person I talked to today is my other cousin’s husband who had a heart attack a few months ago, they revived him 6 times, his brain was iced as well, and my cousin had to make a decision to pull the plug on him as well…yet here I am today talking to him.  How fricken amazing is that?  He’s our miracle man.
* They have to decide whether to pull the plug and one parent is saying okay, the other is saying no way.  😦  I don’t envy them their decision…it’s so sad.  So very sad.

That was my weekend.  A roller coaster of emotions once more.

How was your weekend?


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