Did you see the Glee episode last night?  I forgot that The Voice was on so I didn’t see that.  Anyway the show was about people and the flaws they try to cover up.  I love how they wore shirts that stated their flaw in the end.

So what’s mine that I try to hide?  A whole LOT.  đź™‚

One shirt would read: Gray Hair (yes my dears, I’m not brave enough to let my whole head to gray so the black locks you see in my pics-HAIR DYE)

Second shirt: Can’t SWIM!  (uh huh you heard, I am from Hawaii and can’t swim, laugh your hearts away!)

There are a lot more I can think of but I thought it was cute how they had to create a shirt and wear it for everyone to see.  It’s too hard to reveal your flaws in real life…hence the boxes of soft black hair dye stocked in my bathroom cabinet.


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