Okay, this post won’t make sense to people who are not from Hawaii…but here was my Ewa Post office experience today…

Me: Hi I want to send this package and then I want to weigh these envelopes because I need wedding stamps.
PO Worker: Both envelopes would need 88 cents each, you want the wedding ring stamp?
Me: Yes, please.
PO Worker: We have the Celebrate stamp…(I give her a skeptical look and she goes from station to station looking for the wedding ring stamp)
PO Worker: We ran out of the wedding ring stamp but we have the Love one.
Me: Give me the Love stamp.

photo via: zap2it

As she adds up my cost she interjects:

PO Worker:  When is the big day? (no smile, just real brisk)
Me: July 17th.
PO Worker: Very soon.  How did he propose?
Me: In Lanai at the Four Seasons–
PO Worker: Koele or Manele?
Me: The Lodge at Koele
PO Worker: (finally her stern face breaks in a small smile, her eyes went soft) Aww
Me: I took him there for his birthday but he ended up proposing to me.
PO Worker: Was a surprise?
Me: Yeah!
(I was about to show my ring and realized I wasn’t wearing it!)
Me: I’m not even wearing my ring! (I laugh)
PO Worker: (she leans back and swivels her head a little…you know that swivel when a girl is about to say, uh uh GIRLfriend…lol…)

*Instead of saying “GIRLfriendddd….”*

PO Worker: MMyyyrrnnnahhh…..(she tilts her head to the side and so weird I do the same…why do I do that?)
Me: I know, yeah? (how’s me getting all tita pidgin)
PO Worker: Congratulations.
Me: Thank you (with a smile and attitude)…have a nice day!

On the mainland it’s “Girlfrriieeennddd….”
In Kalihi it’s “Maaarrryyyyy….”
Apparently in Ewa Beach it’s “Mrryyynnnahhh….”

🙂 Have a happy Thursday!


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