Royal Wedding Bliss

How can I NOT watch the royal wedding?  It’s not because I’m a bride to be myself, it is, partly…but it’s a whole bunch of things.  It’s about Diana, about Kate (who’s very pretty), it’s about England (where I will be visiting in September and I’m ecstatic about it), it’s about a celebration!

I love parties.

photo via KETKNBC

I love parties because after having planned a funeral, I look forward to any occasion that celebrate life and living.  Weddings, new babies, birthdays, I love it all.  Some people think it’s not important…but I think these occasions are VERY important.  William and Harry had to go through their own mother’s funeral on television.  People all over the world grieved with them.  It was so tragic to put all that on t.v. and have the media have at.  Well let them have this!  A wedding for Diana’s eldest son.  This is a great moment for him and Diana’s fans.  We all just want him to be happy, after all he’s been through.  He seems like a good kid and I think she raised him right.  I watched an interview with him and Harry and they said they live their lives wondering..what would mom be doing if she were here?  It’s why they live their lives the way they do, for her memory, keeping her legacy alive.  It’s very, very touching.  She would have been very proud of her boys.

photo via anneandkate

I’m watching BBC America right now as they start their coverage and people are writing in to the station saying, finally something happy to watch on t.v. instead of all the sad and scary stuff going on in the world.  Amen.

At one point when I was stressing out about my wedding, Josh said it would be fine, it will turn out great.  I, at one point said we should have eloped, skipped it all and have it done quick (this is more my speed).  I’ve said it more than once in the past year…LOL…And I thought, you know, Josh is right, it will be fine.  My family needs celebrations: graduations, birthdays, weddings and new babies being born because we’ve had so much tragedy in our family the past few years.  Any reason to celebrate, my family needs it.  Deserves it.

Bad things will continue to happen occasionally because that’s life.  Bad and sad things happen.  You have to make it a point to celebrate moments to counter the sadness!  Celebrate the birthdays, celebrate the new babies, celebrate the union of two people, celebrate great accomplishments….we need to dance and laugh.  We need to smile and capture the happy moments.  The good memories are the ones that help you get through the hard times.

So let’s get it on, I want to see Kate’s dress and how her hair will be and the tiara!  Did you know that the Queen usually gifts the new princess a tiara?  What a gift!  Love the accents I’m hearing.  I’m loving all these views of Westminster Abbey in HDTV, it’s gorgeous.  I’m sooooo excited for our Europe trip.  Just watching this coverage is building my excitement!

photo via royalweddinginfo

Enjoy watching the Royal Wedding!  I know I will. 🙂  Ahh, let me see that dress already!


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