Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Deliciousness

Today I went grocery shopping at the Ewa Beach Foodland and afterwards I couldn’t resist walking into the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf with my shopping cart filled with groceries.

photo via Find the Best

I told myself I wouldn’t get it, I would stay away from it, but when I was giving the cashier my order for a Regular Vanilla Ice Blended, no whip and a Red Velvet Doughnut, I knew I was a goner.

photo via Health Indian Recipes

I can’t help it, it’s SO good.  Have you ever had it?  And I’m talking about the doughnut!  The Vanilla Ice Blended is always so good, but the doughnut….I’m sure I’m killing my body slowly, but I thought I deserved that doughnut after all my labor in my garden the past week!  Sore wrist, bug bites and all!  I even saw earthworms in the dirt yesterday and wasn’t grossed out.  Seriously, big pat on my shoulder!

But have you tasted it?

I was munching on it on my drive home thinking…could I order a hundred of these for my wedding?  Seriously?  My wedding desserts consists of hot cocoa, s’mores over an open flame, Hokulani cupcakes and why not Red Velvet Doughnuts?  Is that over kill?  I mean, can’t people take them home?  I want to wake up the day after my wedding and eat these doughnuts.  I kid you not.

And I couldn’t take a picture of it, you know why?  Because by the time I got home, there was an inch left of the darned doughnut in the package.  I feel like I’ve found my new addiction.  Bye bye diet coke, hello doughnut?  And I’m not even a big doughnut fan!

As of right now I have enough of that Vanilla Ice Blended in me to finish my invites.  I’m behind on my blog posts.  Many of you have asked how I keep finding material to write more posts…what can I say, I’m a bored housewife!  or…house fiance?  Plus life is so interesting to me, I love to chronicle it.  And I take that back, I’m not bored.  I do find myself being busy even though I don’t work and I am looking for a part-time job right now.  I need money since gas prices are ridiculous!

Coming up on my blog (posts I still need to write!):
* Can someone ever be innocent after having been found guilty? (a post I promised my friend I would write)
* Missing my grandpa Filemon (seriously having thoughts of him today…dunno why)
* Wedding stuff
* Concerts I’ve Been To (thought of this in the car and was smiling to myself)

You see?  I drive in my car and I get ideas of what to write.  I wake up and have stupid ideas…but it’s fun to explore life, memories, etc….  So glad you guys are reading, stay tuned!  And thanks for reading!!


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