What’s Going On? The updates…

A lot, is going on actually.

* Wedding planning: with about 2 months ago, this is priority right now, so I may not be posting as often.  What am I tackling?
    – Beverage orders
    – Dress fittings
    – Creating my escort cards display
    – Getting all the balances paid and details together! 🙂
    – Going to L.A. at the end of the month for a wedding shower

* I just got a part-time job as a Massage Therapist once again.  

I haven’t worked as one since 2004.  It’s been awhile but I did keep up with my techniques by massaging my loved ones over the years.  Deep tissue is my specialty, love using my forearms and elbows! Did pretty good on my first day, I got 2 massages, back to back.

The massages are 50 minutes (or 80 minutes) like at most day spas.  I like to give someone a whole hour because it gives me more time to work on the kinks but I think they do it this way to give therapists leeway time to change the linens and set up for the next session.  Which is actually great.

The real test is this Friday when I am there from 9-5.  There is a potential to be booked for 5-7 massages and I used to do that back in 2002!  The most I ever did in one day was 9 massages.  But I’m not 22 years old anymore, my back did suffer from doing too many massages.  Three years into the profession, I started putting my foot down and took a max of 4 massages a day, I was happy with just 3.  At the time I was working 5 days a week.

This time around I am smarter about my body mechanics (when you work like a horse and rush through a packed day, you compromise your safety).  I am also going to wear shoes that support my feet and I am going to stretch when I get home and not do any gardening (lol).

I am thinking I may need to start taking a yoga class too.  Growing old and staying seriously takes hard work!

So we shall see how my weekend at work goes.  I don’t have a full weekend at work this week because my bestie is graduating, but next week will be a full weekend massaging.

* Speaking of…it’s Graduation time!

My best friend is graduating!  Congrats to her!

I have a few other people graduating this month so it’s going to be very busy!

* Doggie Updates: Nani-Girl and Sky

Nani-Girl!  She wakes me up by crawling up to my chest.

Everyone is asking so here you go!

Nani-Girl is doing great!  Appetite is good (very good), she hasn’t had a steroid shot in 2 weeks but she is fine.  She walks good, barks at the sound of dogs and doorbells.  She walks with her head low to the ground because she’s sniffing and I am very happy about that.  A dog must sniff!

She’s very affectionate and follows me everywhere.  She has given up attempting to walk down the stairs.  She is totally traumatized, but I think I know why she is scared.  The steps are too narrow and she’s built long like a hot-dog.  So she can put 2 paws down, but doesn’t know how to angle her body sideways to get her 2 back paws down on the same step.

We know to carry her, she needs a stair lift! Haha!

There is one thing that is happening with her that I’m not as worried about.  In the picture above you can see that on her right eyelid, she has what looks like a pimple.  It’s a skin growth.  So we need to take her in to get it removed and tested.  It may be a result from all the hormone in her.  She has a few growths like skin tags, but that was before she was on the steroids.  They may have to take it out, if they do I will schedule it when I board her there when we go to L.A. at the end of the month.

Here she is out in the sun.  Yay for the sun coming out-finally!

And I can’t leave out the other diva!

This is HER trying to wake  me up in the morning, she sits and stares at me.

* And the garden project!

Josh and I used shovel, pick, and bucket to move our red ginger garden.  It was hard work but we love it.  But they are all finally moved.  The dirt space on the side of the house will be covered with gravel so we can store stuff there.  We wanted to do brick-but can you see me hauling brick out of my truck…hell to the no…my back can only take so much!  But the brick would look amazing and we can put a storage shed back there!

The garden is not “beautiful” yet.  When I moved it,  I chopped a lot of the leaves and blooms so it can grow again.  A lot of them had white-flies which I detest.  So 4 of my plants look like stumps.  BUT we went to Home Depot to check out some shrubs and flowers we want to plant.  I didn’t think they had much of a selection-I saw a better spread at Wal-Mart.  But I am excited to plant shrubs with flowers.  I also love the cactus flowers!  So…I can’t wait to plant!  I officially love gardening.

Here are a few blooms catching the sun today 🙂  And yay for the sun coming out because now it’s cloudy again 😦

Don’t you love the sunlight?  Look at my leaves-thank you Instagram!
Then again, who needs a photo filter.  This is all natural.  Pretty.

I have a strange confession.  When our plants were planted a year ago I called them different names, that ended in ‘A’.  And yes, I love russian names! LOL…I asked them to bloom for me.  I told them they were gorgeous ladies.  My mom and aunts stand by the fact that plants listen and I totally believe it.  I should so do something cutesy and put their names on a piece of wood and stick it in the ground beside them so I can remember their names.  I had Anastasia, Katerina, Nadia, Ginger, Amelia, Helena, Natasha, I forget the rest!  But I think I’ll do it.  It would be a fun project.  Silly you think? Hehe…I don’t care.  They are absolute beauties!

I have 11 plants so I need 4 more names.
Any ideas?

So that is what’s going on! *whew* on top of the house chores, etc…

I told a friend of mine who asked me how being jobless was and I had paused and said “You know even though I don’t work, I’m always busy?”  She totally understood.  And now I’m work so I’m even more busy!

And it was so true because I am a person who likes being busy.  I want money because I feel like I need to contribute to my family.  Josh is so amazing at taking care of me and not wanting me to work and that day will come when we start to have kids and I may need to take off again…but as he told me, for my peace of mind, I have to work.  Now I have a job and I’m like…how do I do this? LOL… be careful what you ask for!

But I am going to take this one day at a time.

Until the next update!  Thanks for reading!


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