No Transfer Please

photo via UHM Outreach College

I am back to working part-time as a Licensed Massage Therapist and that means I’m riding The Bus again.  

On the weekends I will drive into town, but for now, riding the bus is cheap at $5.00 roundtrip.  Gas is so expensive here in Hawaii.  I filled up just a few days ago at Tesoro in Ewa Beach for $4.48/unleaded.  
Josh likes to tease me that I am working part-time and only making gas money.  He may be right.  For me, one full tank of gas in my truck equals to about 4 roundtrips into town from Ewa Beach. We’ll see what I make at my new job when I actually put in a full weekend of work.  I won’t have a chance to do that until next week.  To top it off, we’re going to L.A. at the end of the month, so I won’t see a real full paycheck until I work all the weekends in June.
I’m starting off slow and already my body is killing me.  Josh had to massage my feet and legs when I came home today.  And it’s not because I haven’t worked since December.  I haven’t worked as an LMT since 2004!  I spent 5 years working a desk job, killing my back and neck at the desk.  And if you don’t believe you can do that, ask the people that come in for massages because they work all day at a computer.  It’s killer.  Our bodies weren’t meant to sit in a chair for 8 hours. 
I love being able to get up and move when doing massage.  I get to sweat, which is sometimes a good feeling.  It is kind of gross thinking you are sweating and at work though, but it comes with the job.  It’s like getting a good workout in and I like feeling my blood pumping.  I don’t like how achy and tired my legs and feet feel at the end of my day but thank god for my bath tub!  🙂  I got home, jumped into a hot bath and elevated my feet.  So awesome.  And thank god for Josh who grabbed my feet when I elevated them on pillows and started massaging them.
And why did I go back to working in downtown again when part of the reason I quit my last job was to shorten my commute?  
* I already know the downtown bus schedule.
* They are pretty flexible with my schedule.  
* It’s a good way to ease my way back into the field again.
So what have I learned the past 2 days I’ve been in to work?
* I miss massaging.  I really do love it.  There is something gratifying about helping people relieve tension in their back and neck, especially these days because we are always on our computers.
* I like getting to know my clients.
* It’s nice meeting new people again. 🙂  And they are all very nice and helpful.
* I’m back in the hustle and bustle of downtown, which is good and bad.  But I like the energy of the city.  I don’t like the stinky bus stops, but that’s city-life for ya!
* I need to be nicer to my body.  This time around I promise to spend some of the money I make on massage upkeep on my own body.  It’s so important.  I never bothered when I was younger and I suffered for it.
My real goal is still to find a job here on the west side.  And with all the developments happening in Kapolei, I’m positive I will find something out here that I will love.  The west side is definitely my new home and it’s just smart to want to work near home.  Then I can miss all that town traffic!  That’s the goal and someday it’ll happen! 

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