Hawaii Graduations

Graduations in Hawaii are a very, very big deal.  It involves a lot of family, friends, leis and fanfare.

On May 14th, 2011, Josh and I attended a graduation for my best friend Eunice at the University of Hawaii.  It took her awhile to do it but she did it and I am soooooo proud of her!!  If you knew her story, you’d know why I am overjoyed 🙂

For some people, college is an easy venture, just another stepping stone in life.  For others, it’s a mountain.  A lot of us who grew up in families where college was a dream and not a necessity, it’s hard to hang on to the discipline to see it through.  My parents paid $20,000 a year for me to go to college, I was NOT about to stop halfway and not finish.  That is a sacrifice on their part even I was aware of.  I saw the bills.  I had to pay off my loan.  But is it worth it?

I think it is.  No, you may not be making millions with a bachelor’s, but it will look good on your resume.  I used to look at applications and resumes and I did look at that.  It didn’t matter to me where people went, but I did like to see if they finished.  It takes determination to finish college.  It is an ACCOMPLISHMENT.

I remember college and making great friends!  Great memories and if I could go back I so would!  🙂

Anyway, May 14th was a stinking HOT day.  Humid, at high noon, we had to trek down from C-More Hall at UH down to the field by Stan Sheriff Center. (never…again.)

Thank goodness for the Rainbow Shuttle service, so we didn’t have to walk all the way to the field in the hot sun.

But then after the shuttle ride, we had to walk down with the rest of the people to the field.  Talk about an exodus in the heat.  yuck…

And after sweating, getting burned, and almost fainting of heat stroke, we found the graduate!!!  Congratulations Eunice on a job well done.  You stuck it out, saw the light, no matter how long it took, no matter the detours in your life, you always got back on track and now you have a degree.  Well worth it sister!!! I’m proud of you!!  xoxo

Drowning in leis!!

Thank you for having a sign!!! I couldn’t find her at first.

So for everyone graduating this year, you did it!  Now, go back to school and get that Master’s because jobs out there are scarce.  LOL…

In all seriousness.  What I love about dreams being achieved is that you are free to dream another dream, another chance to climb another mountain, another challenge to make you stronger…it’s fantastic, it’s character building, it’s just life.

Keep on livin’ 🙂

Congratulations to all the graduates!!


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