Birthday Summer

My posts aren’t as frequent because I have my part-time job and there is about 4 1/2 weeks to my wedding. Holy moly….I can’t believe it’s so soon!  So thank you for still reading my old stuff!

The month of May was very trying for me.  There was my cousin to mourn, then there were graduations to celebrate and then there was my bridal shower in L.A. (the less said about this, the better).  I had reached my boiling point by the time I got my interviews for Disney Aulani, knowing deep down I wouldn’t be hired because my wedding date coincided with their intensive training AND my honeymoon trip was the week the resort opens.  I was so stressed out, it was the first time I felt my blood pressure rise in my head and I finally exploded.

Losing Bobby almost 4 years ago now, taught me a few important things.  

1) Life goes on.
2) Life is too short, so do NOT deal with useless drama.
3) That no matter what I go through, I know I’ve been through worse and survived.
4) Keep supportive and positive people around you. (Very important)

So drama, BUH-BYE.  I don’t have time to deal with you right now.  I have a wedding to get through and my life to focus on.

Since our trip to L.A. was mostly horrible and it totally ruined Josh’s birthday…he requested I call my family and schedule a dinner at Tony Roma’s.  He wanted something simple, fun and around the chaos that is my family.  Good chaos.  Chaos that brings about laughter.

We bought my nephews lego airplanes at the airport and some goodies for my sister from Trader Joe’s.  When we got to the restaurant and sat down my sister busted out a candy lei and a present.  My nephews presented them to their Uncle Josh.

He was touched.  I was touched, because my nephews adore Josh, they stare at him when he eats, waiting to see if he’ll look at them and make a funny face to make them laugh.

As Isaiah said that night, almost mumbling to himself because he was trying to wake up fully from his nap: “Uncle Josh. Funny.”

The dinner was fun, the ribs delicious, the kids are the main attraction in my family.  They make us laugh, they bond us with love, and they create some interesting conversation. LOL…

We talked about the lightning storm and Jacob asked if the lightning hit our house and he looked so worried.  My sister explained that Jacob worries.  I know he does, he’s sensitive to others, always making sure that we are safe and alright.

Isaiah had already opened his toy, so after out meal, my sister tells Josh to open his gift.  She turns to Jacob to say, “Don’t tell Uncle what it is, Jacob, it’s a secret.”
Jacob says: “Yeah, it’s a secret.  We got you Star Wars.”

You told the secret Jacob!  LOL…look at his face.

My sister rolls her eyes and I try to explain to Jacob what “secret” means but it falls on deaf ears, both Isaiah and Jacob are trying to crawl all over Josh’s lap, watching him unwrap his gift.
Sure enough, he got Star Wars Legos!  The boys see Josh as the Legos king, after he gave them a bunch of stuff he brought back from Philadelphia.

Star Wars Legos!

Boys and their toys

So cute!

And thank you to mom and dad who paid for the dinner, even though they didn’t have to.  When we left that night and I got my “I love you aunty” and hugs from my nephews (which come so automatic, I love it), I watched Josh get his hugs and “I love you” from them too.

We fixed his birthday.

I love yous from my nephews always makes my day better, it’s like magic words or something.  If they know I’m leaving after being with them, it’s totally automatic.  They know to run into my arms for a hug and Isaiah likes to give a kiss.  Jacob says “I love you Aunty” and I say I love you too.  Isaiah says “I love you Aunty” and adds, “See you tomorrow!”…I always have to tell him, maybe not tomorrow, maybe Saturday (but I can’t say this all the time, because if I say maybe, he thinks I mean it’s a for sure thing!!) but for sure Monday!

I’ll end this post with that thought-I’ll be seeing them later today just for a few hours so I get my I love you fix today from them again.  yay 🙂


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