Addicted to iPad

I can’t live without my iPad.  So thank you Josh for my very early wedding gift.  I’ve had it almost 2 months now and I’m on it everyday.

What do I do on it you ask?

Well at first, I used it to do the usually things I did on my iPhone.  I went on Facebook, took pictures, added all kinds of free apps. I transfered the games I played on my iPhone like Monopoly, Angry Birds and Scrabble.

I liked having it near my nightstand so instead of lugging my macbook everywhere, I could search the web or read things if I wanted to before going to bed.

I also downloaded book apps like Nook, Kindle and Kobo.  I read so many books, I thought it would be great to minimize clutter on my crammed bookshelves and start reading on my iPad.

photo via buzzintechnology

photo via iPad News Tracker

photo via The eBook Reader

I’ve read about 9 books on my iPad so far.  My favorite is the Kobo app because it will share on my Facebook what I’m reading.  I love anything that advertises and promotes reading!! 🙂

I added children’s book apps so when I babysit my nephews on Mondays they can be entertained by an interactive book.  They love all the pop-up books I ever got them and most of them are ruined and well loved…but pretty much ruined since they’ve read it so much.

My sister just got an iPad also and on it she has math games for the kids.

I use other apps for wedding planning.  Josh reads his news and he loads studying material onto it so he can study next to me when I’m reading.

But the thing I am really addicted to on my iPad right now is playing Games!! You heard me.  I’m not a gamer.  I can barely finish Epic Mickey (and I haven’t finished yet…close but need to find the time!).  So yes I have my Scrabble…for long bus rides into town 😛

i LOVE Scrabble, photo via techrockstar

And if Josh and I are traveling somewhere, we always have to play rounds of Monopoly to kill time!  So much better playing on the iPad than iPhone because of the bigger screen.

photo via touchArcade

Then one night I was looking through the app store and decided to get this game called Infinity Blade and it was on sale. I don’t play sword fighting games, but I thought, why not…looks kinda cool, great graphics.  So I play, and mind you, the scenery never changes, you would think I would be bored. Wrong…I was so bent on beating the God-King that even Josh was impressed with me.  He picked up the game to (I think because he wanted to show me how it was DONE…whatever… and yes he beat the game first and I DID finally beat it.  I also created a strange following.  My nephew Isaiah saw me playing the game, so when I babysit we play sword fighting…and we kill an imaginary God-King.  Or I’m the God-King…don’t ask. Now I hope they do more updates with the game…maybe it’s a girl thing but I love equipping my knight with different helmets, swords and other gear..LOL…

photo via destructoid

And since yesterday, my sister, cousin and I have been obsessed with Hanging with Friends!  Why?  I don’t know!  But I do love knowing my relatives like word games.  Keeps your head sharp, unfortunately I seriously suck at guessing.  But it’s addictive and fun!!

photo via Inquisitr

Another game Josh made me get is called Order & Chaos, which is a multi-player game and I really, really suck at it.  But Josh loves that I’m on his team and he gets to order me around.  But whatever, he needs me because I’m a “healer” and last night I kept “healing” him!!  Now if only I can do better at using the controls and follow him in the game.  It’s like his World of Warcraft game and that to much just gots too much going on…but so far it’s sorta fun and I’m learning.

photo via itunes

Okay back to reading my book on my…and playing with Hanging with Friends with my cousin! LOL…multi-tasking…bad…


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