Escort Card Frame: Project 90% Complete

So I attempted to make the escort card frame display.  I bought a picture frame (which already had a pic in it) from Ross, and ripped it apart, so that I got the frame.  Was thinking of spray painting it white, but Josh likes it as is.  Also, MOH Judith found a shower curtain fabric that was shiny and textured which I love so yesterday I attempted to make it.

Used the foam board I bought, and since they were long, I had to cut another piece and attach it.  It didn’t glue together, but I figure since I was wrapping the fabric around it and stapling it, it should hold up fine.

I added the batting under the fabric and stapled it to the foam board.  I fit the thing into the frame and got this result! Pretty good, I think!

It will fit 54 cards (business card sized) and I need only 44 escort cards so it’ll do.  The cards will be printed and I will attached them to the board with star shaped push pins.  This frame will sit on an easel and hopefully doesn’t blow over.


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