Just Ordered! Hokulani Cupcakes

Yum, yum, yummmm….just finalized my order for the cupcakes for my wedding.  I’m not a cake kind of girl.  Cupcakes is more my thing.  Even worse, when I used to work at HPU downtown, I’d run over to the new Hokulani Bakery kiosk to buy cupcakes for my co-workers, or to bring home to my sister and Josh.  I love their cupcakes.

photo via Hokulani Bake Shop

Most people die over their Red Velvet but I absolutely LOVE their Vanilla with Buttercream frosting.  Am I weird?  Is that plain or what?!  Cream Cheese toppings are just too rich for me, it’s why I’m not a big cheesecake fan.  Oh and I love their Guittard Chocolate…simple, that’s me!  I would sometimes get their Snickerdoodle flavor because I am such a cinnamon girl!!

So the flavors I’m getting: Southern Red Velvet, Guittard Chocolate, Vanilla with Chocolate frosting and the Lilikoi with Lemon Cream Cheese.  I wish I could get more…but..even I have a limit.  Plus I got my S’mores station for those not wanting cupcakes.

Just thinking about the cupcakes make me want to eat one.  Right now they have a contest, sign up on their website, they are giving away a dozen cupcakes, FREE, Monday-Saturday until March 2012!!  I just saw my friend’s name announced and still waiting for mine…my sister is waiting for her name too…lol…

I love how on their blog video the general manager said they are all about REAL butter, REAL sugar, REAL calories-LOL, oh yeah, that’s so me.  It’s called a heart attack.

Next time I’m in downtown I need to stop into their shop at Restaurant Row and taste their other flavors. They just opened a new shop at the Hyatt Regency which is great to know they are expanding!

photo via HawaiiRama

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