Summer Reading

I was giving Josh a massage yesterday, on the massage table (lucky guy, huh? lol…) and he said, “It’s officially summer.  You love summer.”


I live in Hawaii so seasonal changes are so subtle.  Winter for me means less sun 😦  I love the sun.  In the summer, I don’t mind waking up early because the sun is already out-light makes me feel awake.  In the winter, the dark makes me want to stay in bed and sleep.  Like a hibernating bear.

Summer means I have a longer day to enjoy.

So what have I been doing besides wedding stuff?  Reading.

I just finished The Help by Kathryn Stockett.  My friend and I saw the movie preview and we looked at each other in the theater and said, we gotta see that!  I told her it was a bool, so we both decided to read it.  I just finished the book last night and I loved it.

photo via Yellow Brick Blog

I won’t spoil the stories for those who haven’t read it, but it takes place in Mississippi in the time of the civil rights movement.  It’s not so much about the civil rights movement but the relationship between white families (the females in particular) and their help (the black women that cleaned their homes, cooked their food and raised their children).

I love the different characters, their perspectives and voice. I thought it was fascinating to know that the author grew up in Mississippi, with a maid that was black and who helped raise her.  It amazes me that those years in the 50’s-70’s was not so long ago, but that’s how it was.

The book made me smile, it made me angry and sad, and it ended making me wanting to hear more about the characters and what eventually happens to them! But alas, it ended.  It’s very touching and complicated, the lines between the races clean cut YET..blurred in some areas.  It’s a fantastic book and I can’t wait for the movie.

It also spoke to me because my mom has been a hotel maid for as long as she’s been in Hawaii…which is a little over 30 years.  It’s not the same thing as the story, obviously, but my mom cleans up after vacationing guests 40-50 hours a week.  Bent over, arms tired, inhaling every kind of cleaner in her lungs, making the beds, scrubbing toilets, early and late hours, it never ends.  My mom would tell us stories about cleaning puke in toilets, things on sheets, everything you can imagine.  She taught me that whenever I stay at a hotel, I should leave a good tip because being a maid is hard work.

But it’s a great book!  And a good way to start my summer reading.  A friend of mine suggested Little Bee, so I will pick that up after the wedding.

 Yay!  The wedding is almost here and almost over and my life can go on once more without thinking about “a wedding” LOL…wedding updates?  Making my song playlist, picture list, and seating chart and paying vendors….oh lala.


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