Make A Wish: Wedding Update

The wedding is less than 3 weeks away.  Yup.  So soon!  It’s very exciting.

I’ve been finalizing my plans with my wedding coordinator, paying for napkins and linens, stationery and beverages.

But today I finished up my Wish Cards.  Well, not really finished, I may add more color to them, not sure.  But what are Wish Cards?  It’s an alternative to the Guest Book.  I’m not into the guest book only because I KNOW who I’ve invited to my wedding and I know who’s coming, so I don’t need their addresses again.

There are such cute ideas out there now for alternatives to guest books!

Some have photo books, where guests sign them like yearbooks and leave a cute message.  Some have a polaroid camera at the guest table, guests take their picture and that’s their “signature” per se.  Very CUTE. So many ideas!

photo via My Wedding Party

photo via DIY Wedding

photo via Mi Bride and Groom

I don’t have a Wishing Tree, which is very popular lately and if I
had thought it through I think I would have created a wish box…why a wish box?

After Bobby died, my sister bought this ceramic wish box by Tracy Porter.  It’s very cute, with a frog on it. She told me she herself had a wish box and she wrote wishes.  When they came true she took it out of the box!  I thought, oh how cute and at that point I needed some wishes to get my life going again…it was a hard time, believing in Wishes and Love and all that lovely stuff wasn’t really happening for me.  I didn’t believe.  Life was too real for me after losing my first husband, but my sister always reminded me to believe in Miracles.

So when she gave me the box I didn’t make wishes right away.  She told me a few of her wishes came true already and she will write more.  I needed to make the RIGHT wish…I was being very careful.  Then one day I wrote a wish, then two, then three.  Naturally I wished for many things.  I wished for a house to call my own.  I wished for a trip to Europe.  I wished wishes for my friends that they found the right job, the right partner, and lots of happiness.  I wished I found a job I loved.  Then I wished for a man.  A good, loyal, kind and loving man.  Very simple.

Then Josh came into my life.  Later on I added more wishes.  I wish to marry Josh.  I wish to start a family with Josh.

Needless to say…many of my wishes have come true.  Some have been sitting in there for 2 years now and my friend just found a job closer to her home (so I can pull that wish out of my box! how exciting!!) We got our house.  We are going to Europe.  We are getting married.  And I did find a job I love again.  A few of my friends did find great partners.  There are wishes in there still waiting to come true…but I know they will.

So Wishes…mean a lot to me.  Not because they are this magical thing…but because I truly believe positive thoughts attract amazing opportunities to come your way.  It’s not magic, it’s about what you put OUT there, coming back to you.  It’s about another person believing and wanting the BEST for you and you doing the same for them.  It was the best gift my sister ever gave me and trust me, she gives me some amazing gifts!

The wish cards are a way for my guests to leave a simple wish for Josh and I if they want to.  It’s not required, if we get any, I’ll add it to a wedding scrapbook that I will make, which will be cute.  I think it’ll be a fun thing to read and look at after the wedding even is long gone.

photo of my Wedding Wish Card

I made it with card stock manila paper (thanks Judith), some stamps and silver/gray ink…LOL…so simple, pretty homemade looking, but I love DIY, no 2 cards are alike.


2 thoughts on “Make A Wish: Wedding Update

  1. Landa that's such a great idea..i love it…if u don't mind even if I.m not at ur wedding may I make a wish for u n josh…i'll send it so u'll get it at the same time as when everyone makes a wish for the both of u…CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

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