What is Love? 8 More days…

I am writing emails, finishing up my music playlist and looking forward to tonight’s Bridal Shower at my mom’s house. Fun, fun!  Love being with family 🙂

So I was feeling like this song “Love” by Matt White.

Here is a wedding update and yes y’all, it is 8 days away!! WOW!  Can’t wait, I’m stressed out only because I’m anxious and want everything to go perfectly! (NO such thing as perfect I know…so Josh tries to calm me down).

Why have I been busy?  Well let me show you what I’ve been working on!

Make a Wish Cards

1. Make A Wish cards – this is in place of a guest book.  My wedding guest list is small enough that I know everyone’s addresses and what not.  I know my older family members will think my wish cards are trivial (thanks aunties you could at least write that you wish I get preggers soon…LOL…I’ll take that!)  But I will create a Wish scrapbook after the wedding.  Judith, my MatronOH bought the glass at Savers, when she brought it to me I was like…I can make very large margaritas afterwards…!!  I’m going to add a ribbon on the bottom I think…still need to buy ribbon!

My hanky from Ivy

2. Seating List – the seating list is under the hanky, but check it out!  A list by name and by table x2.  Thank you excel!  I just had to showcase the personalized handkerchief, Ivy, one of my best friends and bridesmaids got for me for my bridal shower gift.  It’s my something “blue”!  Isn’t it pretty?!

Star Pins for Escort Cards

3. Star Pins – this is to hold my escort cards to the foam board I created (no picture of that…i NEED to spray paint the frame white.  will do that tomorrow).  I couldn’t find the right color so I bought purple and pink pins and then I took one of those inky paint pens (I had the color white in my pen arsenal, hurray!) and took each pin and colored them.  Then I took glitter puffy paint, used one of my small paint brushes and painted each star with glitter.  These were left drying on paper…

J & Y Labels


4. J & Y Labels for Parasols – So I needed SOMETHING to put on the parasols (well actually I didn’t need anything but that’s the way I roll, I always make more work for myself than I need!).  Judith told me to put something on there that was minimalist.  I thought of making tags to hold the parasol shut but I thought of people littering and throwing the paper all over the place when they opened the parasols.  So I decided to do it on the handle. I took white paper (from my printer)…measured around the handle, used my mini paper cutter to cut strips.  I then used the same flower stamp on my invitations on the white strips.

I printed J & Y initials on clear labels (extra that I had from my invitations).  Then I placed it on the white strip, making sure to leave a sticky end free so that it would seal the white strip together.  And wallah!  I have personalized parasols for my wedding ceremony.  I bought the parasol basket at Ross, I think it’s like a small laundry hamper…hehehe, so I could re-use it as a magazine rack thingy or for storage.

…..and on top of all of this I’ve been working on the wedding timeline with my coordinator, by the way guys, she simply, simply ROCKS.  I couldn’t do this without her taking care of everything else!!

….also been putting together stuff together for my bridesmaids 🙂 went to dress fittings, going to appointments, doing music and photo lists, etc…it’s been on my brain 24/7 and in my nightmares!  But the day is almost here and it’s going to be AMAZING!

xoxo-thanks for continuing to read!


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