I’m a Mrs. Again! Shout-Out to the Vendors

The Wedding is over and the Marriage begins!

Josh and I had an amazing night, especially because our guests didn’t know what to expect at our wedding.  They didn’t know what they would see and maybe I did that on purpose when I chose the location.  The “wedding” was a gift from Josh and I to the people we love.  And I love a lot of people.   I have a big, big family to thank and friends who’ve been there with me through thick and thin.  So let’s just say my wedding was a “thank you”….I don’t have pics just yet, they are all over my facebook from other guests photos and I know I have some on my camera that my sister took…but I will upload them later.

Now let me thank the Vendors…without whom this night would not have been as spectacular.

The Venue:  Lanikuhonua “Where Heaven Meets the Earth”

  • The grounds here are manicured and the sunset….I can’t even describe it.  It’s magnificent and you are reminded why “nature” is what it is.  I wanted my guests to be able to watch a true Hawaiian sunset.  
  • It’s easy to rent the space, just go to their website and email for information.  I was worried it would be too hot, and I was sweating during the ceremony, but I could hear the ocean and it was unbelievable…I can’t wait to see the photos.
photo taken on my best friend’s iphone4
The Coordinator:  Mrs. Tristin Lobendahn from Finishing Touch Event Planning.  
  • Without Tristin, I would be lost!  They’ve done so many weddings at Lanikuhonua, I knew after meeting with her they were the right people to help me.
  • Professional, knowledgeable and she knew how to listen to what Josh and I loved.  I mentioned our engagement on Lanai and how I love the Smores and Hot Cocoa and she said let’s do it for the reception.  It was SUCH a hit…my guests were in awe, they kept asking me, who’s idea it was?  I said Tristin!  All I did was mention smores, but she jumped on it, worked with the Chef and made my dream come true.
  • From the flowers on the table, escort card designs, layout, timing, and every little detail, this company thinks of EVERYTHING.  I do not regret getting a coordinator, I’m GRATEFUL.
  • And their in house stationery designer: I LOVED all the little things like the cupcake flags and escort cards and table names, and the menus. 
The Photographer: Frank Amodo
  • Check out his website because his work speaks for itself.  A genius.  And I really cannot wait to see the pics.  But I must!! 🙂
  • Funny guy, easy to work with, make you feel comfortable, catches moments like my bridesmaid crying.  I emailed him my ideas or expectations because we didn’t have time to meet and I haven’t seen the photos, but I already know they will be amazing.  He took my hubby and I in places around Lanikuhonua that I never thought to take photos.  But I told him I love how he shoots trees and he listened…
  • Frank had a busy weekend and he looked exhausted but you can tell when he’s in a zone.  He’s hard working, patient and he wants to get the shot…I told my husband at the end of the night:  I loved when Frank took us away from the reception into the woody area in the back or down on the beach or the stone wall for photos because the waves were crashing, the sun was setting and I felt the most intimate in those moments with my new husband than I had all night.  He gave us the moment to appreciate the beauty around us, gazing into each other’s eyes…I could feel the pulse of the water, the earth, the sun and Josh’s heartbeat at the same time and that’s when I knew everything I planned for a year paid off-and that meant a lot to me.
  • And his assistant Jeremy was fun to work with too 🙂
Frank Amodo, Jeremy Amodo and James Chun from Crane Media
The Videographer: Crane Media, James Chun and Assistant
  • I think James got to us early (or was it that hair and make-up was going so well and ahead of schedule…) but James is so much fun and worked well in a room full of females.
  • So easy to talk to and showing me shots he just took, so awesome! He gives directions really good and during the ceremony and reception I didn’t notice he was filming.  Actually he and Frank were like that, I didn’t really notice they were taking shots which is AWESOME…they blended in and made it seem effortless.  A guest commented on how impressed they were with our videography and photography crew, so professional!
  • Can’t wait to see the full video!  The 2 shots he showed me were so good!!  I mean when he started asking for personal cameras and cell phones with pictures of this week I was like…huh?  But the man had a plan and he showed me and I was like, COOL!!! haha…
The FOOD: Poke Stop, Chef Elmer Guzman
  • Omg…what can I say?  Josh and I did a tasting with Elmer and I knew it was the food to go with because a lot of my guests were local but we didn’t want to scare of people who hadn’t eaten local food, so I think he created a menu that catered to everyone!  
  • I could barely eat because the dress was tight and I was on the go, but the staff kept coming to serve me (thank you!! because if you didn’t I wouldn’t have tasted my Mai Tai and Moscato and the chicken skewer and duck melt)…I did finish the poke, the shrimp, salad and veggies (anything heavier and I couldn’t sit properly)
  • I had a cocktail hour where they served Passion Fruit Mojitos, Mai Tais, Pineapple Iced Tea, Beer, Ahi in a martini glass, chicken skewers, and duck crostinis.  If I wasn’t taking pictures so much I would have been pigging out.
  • The wait staff was amazing!  I was expecting the typical, pick up your plate after you are done service but nope they served the drinks, took our pictures, made sure the bride ate something, twirled up napkins, and they were soooo nice.  I wasn’t really expecting that!
  • Someone put in my wish cards they wanted more coconut shrimp…thanks Andy…LOL…
  • And what can I say about the dessert…I didn’t even notice them setting it up on the side, I was too busy dancing!  But I had a Smores station (Tristin’s idea) with a fire pit (Chef Elmer’s idea) that allowed guests to roast their marshmallows and pick their chocolate and graham crackers.  I was like…where is everyone?  At the fire pit.  There was also hot chocolate in glass mugs, YUM!!!!!  I had some at the end of the night, I put my glass down and then it was gone…wth?!  Who drank it?!  My guests couldn’t stop talking about that…it was so unexpected but I’m glad they loved it!
Hot Cocoa Station, so yummy!

Food Station
Graham Crackers, Chocolate and Marshmallows! Smores Station.

Ready to roast marshmallows

yummy hot cocoa!
The Flowers:  Su-V Expressions
  • I don’t know flowers.  I don’t know what I like except orchids and roses…lol…I don’t know specifics.  So when I met Sue and Tristin about the flowers, I shrugged a lot as they threw out flower names.  I deferred to their expertise!
  • When I saw the chuppah for the ceremony with the light fabric blowing away with the breeze, I thought I was in heaven.  It was perfect.  The white petal border on the ground-simple and that’s what I wanted.  I wanted the ocean and horizon to be the decor and I spent more money on the reception tables.
  • My bouquet was all white and lovely, simple as I wanted.  The bridesmaids had colorful bouquets which we all loved, it complimented the dresses so well.
  • The reception area was where it took life.  We had gorgeous vases of flowers, all of which were taken home except a few I kept in my house.  Different sized vases, I had told them I wanted the eyes to move, but I wanted it clean (hence the clear vases).  I love the mokara orchids, soooo pretty and the napkin embellishment were White Spider Mums (everyone asked me what they were)-okay I admit, when I saw it on the invoice, I googled it also.  They loved it!

The Linens and Lounge Furniture: Les Saisons and Vignette
  • Yup, the tables had to be covered somehow! The lounge pieces, pillows, benches, pewter gray table cloths, orange napkins, etc…all had to be rented.  And the colors came out perfect!  I was worried about the color scheme because I kept changing my mind (so bad)….but all my worrying was for nothing (once more thanking Tristin here for her “vision”).
lounge area furniture by Vignette
Linens and napkins by Les Saisons!
  • These guys provided the tents, the dance floor, lanterns, cutlery, tables, chairs, stands, power cords, etc…to plan an outdoor wedding, you need a team of people that work together!
  • The alcohol, soda, and juice suppliers!
  • Another shout out to Tristin here…when I was thinking of drinks to serve I said I like Mojitos and beachy drinks.  She suggested Passion Fruit Mojito and Mai Tais.  I said okay, without ever having tasted any of them!  LOL…but apparently…the Passion Fruit Mojito tasted SO good that people didn’t realize it had rum in it until the day after since they drank like 4 and had a headache.
  • And I never got to taste my mojito 😦 boo….but the Mai Tai was delicious.
The Cupcakes: Hokulani Bake Shop
  • The cupcakes…lol…I fed Josh a cupcake and he did the same and we started saying our thank you speech, but a bunch of people rushed the cupcake table…I think it was SO funny.  I ordered 100 cupcakes (on top of the hot cocoa and smores)…and I took home about 10 cupcakes (it was our master plan to have extra…since I only got a half of one before someone pulled me to take pics again!  I had a Guittard chocolate this morning…YUM!!!
The Hair & Make-Up: Maleana Cosmetics
  • I love Dorys!  She’s so nice and easy to work with.  My hair stayed in play pretty much the whole day and night and mind you I had an outdoor wedding.  The wind was blowing and I was sweating but the hair stayed in place!  The make-up stayed too, amazing after all that patting because of the sweat…and I didn’t feel like it was caked on which is important to me, I didn’t feel like I had make-up but the pictures show it.  She gave me as sun-kissed natural glow which I loved.  Josh LOVED it.  He said my eyes looked amazing.
  • I also got drinking straws, and a touch-up kit (invisible blotting powder, which i LOVE) and the lip color I was using.  I also got a VIP bag with other goodies I can’t wait to try.  Thank you Dorys!
  • The dress now I can reveal is a Maggie Sottero “Vanessa” dress.  Haha…it was the 2nd dress I tried on at Claudette’s shop and I knew right away it was the one.  It was grecian and chiffon like I had wanted and the bling was undeniably fabulous. It made me look voluptuous (hey I know I’m fat ugh!! but the dress made me look good even though I am heavier now) and Josh was stunned when he saw me.
  • The female guests at the wedding kept asking me where I got it and the little girls thought I was a princess…lol…the little boys kept touching the chiffon and running away.  So weird!  My nephews stared at me as if they didn’t know me, but I said “I’m a princess” and Isaiah said “I’m a prince!” So CUTE!!!  
  • They altered the dress perfectly and even convinced me to rent the veil and tiara or headband…I wasn’t going to do it but they said I was missing something and I’m so glad I got it!
The Favor/Photobooth: UNQ Rentals
  • I won a discount at UNQ Rentals when I went to the bridal expo and so I decided that the Photobooth photos would be my party favors and it was such a hit, I wish I had more time to use it with everyone.
  • How the heck did my whole bridal party fit inside that booth is beyond me but I saw the pics and laughed!  Lots of people were laughing in the booth, so much fun!!  And they brought props which is awesome because I thought I had to bring them.
Photo booth fun!
The Music: N-D Mixx
  • Amazing job!  Emcee Gil, thank you!!!  I’m so glad I got an emcee since no one in my family would do it.  You did an amazing job and pronounced every name correctly and kept the timeline on track.
  • I picked some eclectic songs for cocktail hour and he played most of them.  I wished I could’ve enjoyed it but I was busy taking pics.  We had Billy Joel for Josh and his family, I heard my Weezer as we took pics and Pass the Dutchie and Red, Red, Wine.  I heard Green Day, and Sublime and Colbie Caillat.
  • Thanks to my bro-in-law Romel who took over the DJ and mixed the old skool songs I wanted.  
I promise I’ll post some pics on this very soon but I wanted everyone to know who the vendors were because without them…my wedding wouldn’t have been what it was…and it was damn special and memorable.  As my guests have told me..”best wedding EVER!!”

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