Wedding Weekend 7/14-7/15

The wedding weekend started with a home cooked meal at my house with the Filors, Josh’s sister’s family. I made spaghetti pie, garlic bread, caesar salad and chocolate chip cookies.  John brought the alcohol haha…we had a nice time, the dogs barked a bit but settled down, and they were quite curious about Celia who was crawling on the floor with them.
Celia and Me
So Friday night was my bachelorette party at Rumours Night Club for some oldies fun and dancing.  My sister, the party planner went all out with decorations, favors, and games.  It was a very fun night!
Me and Eunice getting ready at my casa.

I did her hair

With me and my sister, Jenna’s taking the pic

With Jackie and Annie

I got a chance to mingle with the girls, as they tried to get me drunk.  Thanks Annie for the double Patron shot…yum…but I was driving that night so I had to relax with that. Unfortunately!

party favors
Shelly and Claire
Eun and Me
Lily and Me
Judith and Me
Me and An
Me and Ivy
Me and my sister! xoxo
me and the girls

more favors! penis straws anyone? lol..
Me and Cherryl

 I danced with my aunt, my friends, my family and it was a fun time had by all.  Frances, my friend from college even got a young cute guy to dance with me (since I had no strippers…lol), then she was going to find a real old one and I said hell no.  I laughed so much! Thank you Lani for throwing my parties!


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