Wedding Weekend 7/16-7/17

So the night before the wedding we had a BBQ at our house so that Josh’s parents could see our house.  It was such a busy day and I was about to lose it.  I was tired and only had 3 hours of sleep, I had to pick up my dress and the other dresses and drop my dogs off to the vet.  Sky made such a big fuss with crying in the car it broke my heart.  So I was a little snappy with Josh, because I was so tired.  (sigh)

But my parents brought over a lot of food and treated our mainland guests to crab legs, mango from their tree, lumpia, cake, etc…they went all out.  My nephews and Celia got to meet and play together.  Our families started to blend and it was very interesting to watch.

And then the wedding day….these are pics taken by my sister or Eunice during the day (thank you girls for taking them!!)…what a lovely, fun day…the best day EVER….

hair by Dorys of Maleana Cosmetics

me and sis all ready

drinking straws

ready for my gown

my mommy!

pretty maids all in a row

flowers by Su-V Expresssions

Catelleya Orchids and Roses

Flame Calla Lillies, White Roses, Mokara Orchids 

the struggle…LOL…thanks ladies
mom hooking my strap

am I all in?! lol..breathe…

photo shoot of mom and Judith doing up my buttons (there were LOTS)
u doing great girl! lol

fix my train, Maggie Sottero “Vanessa” dress

love the chiffon

now the shoes
in the moment

catching shadows and light

my nephews, Isaiah and Jacob

mom, sister, nephews and me

How exciting is the first look right?  

Josh seeing “the dress”

bridal party photos


looking up at what?

me and cuzzin Joan

someone’s chillin with a Mai Tai at cocktail hour

awwww so cute!

My parents with Josh’s Mom and Stepdad 

center piece on long tables
white spider mom on plate setting/orange napkin

the reception area, linens by Les Saisons

long rectangle tables and round tables, love it

round table arrangement

love the orchids!

guests walking over to the lounge area and cocktail, Teddy looking sharp!

cuzzin Rich

Lily and Lani 

Thats all I got of photos on my camera, I’ll try to upload the video clip.   The night was so memorable, I can’t believe how it turned out from the sunset, to the drinks and food and the Smores station.  Everyone had fun, like how I envisioned…(sigh) I want to do it again, minus the stress of not knowing how it would turn out…

Thing is I was stressed BEFORE the wedding, like weeks before up til the day before.  On my wedding day I felt so chill and calm and like how I hoped to be because my wedding coordinator was taking care of all the details.  Imagine ME trying to throw a wedding like this by myself?  Not possible.  So big thanks again to Tristin at Finishing Touch!!

And big thanks to my sister Lani who kept everyone in check at the hotel room as we got ready.  She brought food that we devoured, kept everyone on schedule, etc…that was a huge help.  Thank you to Ivy for taking care of Eunice and Eunice for helping ME.  Thank you for Judith and Joan for helping each other, it was all team work.  Thanks to Judith for taking care of me too and being in my photos even though she hates photos.  Thank you to Joan for running to the boys room to feed them haha…thanks to Josh’s sister Jenna who ironed his pants and went to buy silver polish for his kiddish cup.  A wedding involves sooo many people and I’ll be thanking them FOREVER!!!

But all we wanted was to have a big, fun party and we did it!  Josh and I loved our wedding and everyone else enjoyed themselves and it feels awesome that everything went as planned.

I cannot WAIT to see my photos from Frank Amodo and the video from Crane Media…gotta wait another 2 months for that.  So hopefully when we come back from Europe, we can have a viewing party at our house?  We can make more Smores and Passion Fruit Mojitos and get cupcakes from Hokulani (which Josh has been eating every day)!  I have the mix, I just need the people 😉

Thanks for Reading!

(added 8/30/11…photos from facebook and other people’s cameras)


dance floor/lounge area

table name

food tent

photo booth fun

smores station

sweetheart table

hot cocoa


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