Bucket List, To Do Lists

(I’ll be writing about Chicago in my next post because I have to add pictures and I don’t have the patience to do that right now :-P)

Today, the hubby and I went to our Europe tour group meeting.  And as I expected 95% of the people in the room was over 45 years old .  🙂  But I don’t mind because we always end up sitting next to or grouped with older people at various functions and we always have a good time talking to our elders, getting advice from them, and hearing their life stories.

So we were sitting next to a man who was probably in his 50’s and we told him we will meet the tour group in London since we were flying on our own.  When we told him we were going to Stonehenge he got really excited.  Since we are getting there a day and a half earlier before the tour group we had opted to go to Stonehenge (to see more of England) and part of that tour will take us to Bath also (which I wanted to see as well!).

But the man sitting next to us got really excited and he said he wanted to go there some day and he also wanted to go to the Aztec, Inca and Mayan temples in Central and South America.  He said it was on his bucket list!  Just a week ago a friend of mine on Facebook asked about making a bucket list.  So this term is definitely circling around me.


I’ve made bucket lists before…but they were just To-Do lists.  I made one in high school, made one in college, made a few after college.  So as I crossed things off my list, I added more to it (NEVER stop adding to it, even if it’s something simple).  Then a friend of mine made these other lists that I love: 30 before 30 ( a list of things you wanted to accomplish before turning 30) and I’m sure you can create your own.  Examples being: 31 before 31 or 21 before 21…whatever it is, it’s just a reminder to work towards a dream!

But I’ve been really fortunate in my life.  My parents took us on family trips to the Philippines and the mainland when I was younger.  Through the years, Life has taken me to places I never thought I would ever go and I am ever grateful for every path I’ve taken.  I’ve learned so much and I hope to have years and years to learn more!

Everyone should have a list of things they want to see, accomplish or experience.  It’s crucial to what “life” and “living” is all about!  Hearing different languages, meeting new people, roaming in different cities full of age and history and experiencing different stages of life.

The hubby and I wanted to do Europe before we have kids because we know we won’t be able to do these things for awhile when we do have children.  And we are very excited and looking forward to move into the phase of being parents so we hope that’s what we get to experience next.

But bucket lists don’t have to only include “travel”–I added which bands I had to see or which books I HAD to read or movies I HAD to watch.  There are adventures to add, or skills to learn (I still want to get over my fear of swimming in deep water), things to taste or eat, or hobbies to dive into, or jobs you want to have.  And yes, my old list had “get married”, “have kids”, “have a house”….and when I think back on my list and know I can cross off things, it’s a great feeling to know I did what I needed to do to make it happen.

As for travel, I want to go to South America, Alaska, Asia and the Middle East.  I want to go everywhere and the hubby wants to go to the same places I do 🙂 We are SO excited for Europe.  I’ve been to Spain and he’s been to Italy, but because we are going “together”, it’ll be extra special!

We’re making memories and that’s the important thing about bucket lists.


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