Chi-Town! Part One.

My trip to Chicago was superb maybe because I didn’t really know what to expect!  I never thought of going to Chicago before, it was always about NYC, but now that I’ve been to Chicago I realize what I’ve been missing.

Our hotel was right along the river, which was so convenient.  Plus, it was a short (very short) walking distance to Michigan Avenue and the Magnificent Mile.  Very awesome.

After a long, sleepless flight to Denver and then another 3 hours to Chicago, my back was achy, I needed to refresh at the hotel and I needed food.  But once we got to the hotel, Josh needed to register for his conference AND I was itching to see more of the city because the ride in the taxi got me really excited.

Josh went to register and I waited in the lobby but I was itching to go so I text him that I’d be back in an hour and off I went into the muggy, Chicago evening.  I was wearing jeans thinking it was okay….but after walking a few blocks to Millennium Park which surprisingly was just two blocks down, I was sweating heavily and panting.  As Josh and a few people reminded me on Facebook as I complained about the heat, they said “it’s NOT the heat, it’s the humidity”.   By day 2 I finally “got it”.

Now I am from Hawaii…and I thought I was used to humidity.  The worse humidity I had experienced was in the Philippines, but it’s been 10 years since that trip.  Lately I’ve traveled to the mainland during fall, winter and spring but never summer.  Now I know why…

But I persisted on because despite me being sticky and feeling like I couldn’t breathe quite right, the city was calling to me!  So I took a few turns down the street without a map and landed myself at Millennium Park.  Awesome!  I love when I can walk around without a map, still feel safe and find myself in some place fantastic!   🙂 It’s exhilarating, experiencing new cities, especially one like Chicago.

One thing I love about Chicago is the skyline.  The buildings are beautifully designed and not placed haphazardly in a hodgepodge mess.  It’s just right.  I would keep looking up in any direction and find a wonderful photo op!  The building skyline created different shapes in the sky.  But I’m sure I can go on and on about that….let’s not! hahaha…

At Millennium Park. there is an outdoor restaurant, different paths that lead you through and out of the park, fountains, gardens, a theater, an outdoor concert area and just so much to amuse.

After walking around the park taking pictures I realized I needed to go back to the hotel and meet Josh but most importantly I needed to change into a dress because I was really, uncomfortably hot.  So I made it back to the hotel without dying and I went to the room to change.  By the time Josh got back from registration, we both were starving so I suggested we walk north on Michigan Avenue (only because I wanted to walk over the bridge) so we took off!

We walked across the bridge and I admired the Wrigley Building.  Yup, you guessed it, Wrigley as in gum!  Michigan Avenue is framed by beautiful buildings.

There is this huge Marilyn Monroe statue in front of the Chicago Tribune.  I didn’t know why until I googled the statue, as to why it was there…but apparently it was there since July 2011 and will be there until next year.  It’s just an art piece on Michigan Avenue, which is kinda neat.  At first I didn’t think it belonged there, but it is pretty large and lots of people take a picture under her legs..hahaha, hilarious.  But I do believe the Chicago Tribune building is my FAVORITE.

There are different stones built into the building of the Tribune.  It’s fantastic.  There was a stone from the Philippines, stones from all over including the Great Wall of China, Great Pyramid, Taj Mahal, etc..I love it!  It’s fantastic.

So we walked some more and then I told Josh, I’m tired, my legs hurt and I was hungry so I said let’s turn right on a street because I smelled food.  Okay, what I was smelling was Garrett’s popcorn shop and I realized it was the popcorn my sister told me to look for because it was Oprah’s favorite.  Oh man, the smell from the shop was amazing, but I needed more than popcorn.  So we looked next door and found a restaurant called Viand.  We went in, got a seat and ordered so much food I hurt after eating.  But the pasta dishes we got were soooo tasty…Josh was seriously eating the leftover sauce of his ravioli with his fork.  I don’t blame him, it was DELICIOUS.  And our waiter was so nice!  Another thing I like about Chicago-the people are NICE. 🙂

Dinner at Viand American Bistro– Chicago, IL

We walked back to our hotel and thank god for the walk…after that meal, it was quite needed!  Ahhh, Chicago by night was even more beautiful, it was still humid but I didn’t mind by then.

Overall it was a wonderful start to our time in Chicago.  Josh had to “work” the next day, listening to presentations from 8am-5pm, so I needed to plan my day!  🙂

Part-two comes tomorrow! Thanks for reading!


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