A Memory-Stairway to Heaven

I’m writing this post because my niece reminded me how much I love classic rock.  And another memory popped into my head.  I got my love of rock from growing up with my cousins and surprisingly my dad. He used to ban me from listening to rock in the 80’s…hair metal…LOL…cuz he thought I was worshipping the Devil.  O-M-G…puhleeze..lol…I was worshipping men in leather pants (which may be even worse than the devil) who wore eyeliner…ewww…okay, so my dad didn’t want to see me end up with a guy that looked like Sebastian Bach, I don’t blame him.  But my dad was listening to Queen, so what gives?  I love Queen.
But way before the 80’s there were bands like Led Zeppelin…so my memory takes me back to my last trip to Kansas with Bobby.  It was his last trip there.  We had decided to visit Uncle Randy and Aunt Cindy and I believe they live 2 or 3 hours outside of Lindsborg, Kansas.  So Ken (bobby’s dad), Bobby and I got into the car, drove out and had a really fun day with the family.  I remember we ate chicken wings, watched football, went to a farm and pet goats and Bobby even told them we were moving there (without even letting me know “we” were going to do that!..that’s Bobby for you)…
On the long ride back home, Bobby offered to drive, since his dad had driven us to our destination.  As we made our way back to Ken’s house, I sat in the passenger seat, watching the lightning storms all around us.  The storms in the Midwest are crazy/scary/beautiful.  Bobby told me to pick a playlist from his ipod which he had brought on the trip, so he could stay awake on the drive home.
Since his dad was in the backseat and he loved guitars and could play Stairway to Heaven I picked my “Rock” playlist that I had created.  I love me some classic rock and my father-in-law loves it too!  He started singing to some of the songs and soon enough we were all singing in the car.  Sometime during the drive I think Ken went to sleep and Bobby and I listened to Kanye West’s Graduation album that had come out that year.  Bobby LOVED “Flashing Lights”…you should’ve seen him do the air synthesizer song in the beginning of the song!  hilarious…..!!!

I miss this kid!!  I’m re-married now but Josh knows how much Bobby was such a part of my life.  Marriage wise, Bobby and I weren’t the best for each other, I can see that NOW after examining the marriage, it was difficult for both of us, we were too young, wanted different things and experiences.  But we were serious best friends, he couldn’t be apart from me and I hated being apart from him.  Like…soul mate best friends, if that makes sense?  If we ended up divorcing when he was alive, because we had come so close many times in our short marriage to doing that, we would have ended up still being best friends.  I miss him a lot.

I still say his name once a week, Josh and I talk about him all the time.  And I think about him every, single day.  Is that weird?  Every single day. He’s been gone almost 4 years.  Soon he will have been gone for as long as I knew him.  Is that possible?  I only knew Bobby for 5 years.  So short…some people have dated as long as that….I had him for 5 years, but in my memory and in my heart, I’ll have him forever.

 I’m lucky to have met pretty amazing guys in my life 🙂 First Bobby, now Josh…Thank you God!

And what more fitting tribute to Bobby than the song “Carry on My Wayward Son” by the band Kansas.  Rock on.


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