Inspire Me :-) Quotes

I love quotes.  I have tons of journals with quotations in them.  Some journals have quotes about dreams, passion, friendship, love, etc…
I was surprised to see that Amazon had this journal.  But I bought one of these back in the day.  It’s small enough to carry around anywhere AND there are quotes on every other page.  I loved this journal, it’s filled obviously since I wrote it in last year, but I still like to read the quotes.  The journals are made by Kobi Yamada and they still have some other ones on Amazon.  Very exciting, since now I’m going to collect them all!

Picture I took at Ko’olina and a quote from the Passion journal.
I don’t know why I can’t stop writing in journals, so I guess I can say I have had an obsession for the past oh, 22 years with writing.  And now I’m blogging, it’s journaling..sort of. 
Here’s another pic from Ko’olina 🙂 I drew it in the sand. And a quote from Mother Teresa.  I have a book of her sayings also.  She was some woman!
What is it about a quote?  It’s just one sentence but it can help alter your mood, give you a boost of positivity and make you believe in your potential.

I’m not a great photographer, but Hawaii makes it easy to take amazing nature pictures! Here’s one by Shakespeare not found in the journal, but something that sounded good!
We all need encouragement to get through the day or week.  Lord knows I do.  Sometimes I use prayer, sometimes I drown in music and I used to be obsessed with song lyrics too.  I love watching movies and lingering on profound statements, etc…I guess I’m obsessed with words.  But quotes are a nice simple way to get some motivation.  Pair a quote with a nice image and you’ve got inspiration! you are on tumblr you can find some really great images with quotes or just everyday phrases and wordings.  People are so creative, I love it!
You can also find quotes on Google images, just look up “inspirational quotes”.  I have one as my desktop image right now!
It doesn’t hurt to read words of encouragement.  I recommend a daily dose of it 🙂 Pick a phrase and meditate on it, think of how it could apply to you and your life.  Think about why the phrase hits you the way it does…it’s a great way to examine your thoughts and feelings.

 It doesn’t hurt to journal either.  I write all the time, whether it makes sense or not.  Whether there is something interesting to write or not, I just write because I must.  Enjoy the quotes!  I’ll add more later on.

Thanks for reading! xoxo


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