Updates! Metallica, Europe, dogs and life

I need to start off by playing a song I heard on the radio the other day that brought me back to great memories 🙂 Don’t you love when that happens?  I rocked Metallica’s Black album so much back in the day, I LOVE that album. It’s perfection.  And then they played with an orchestra and I bought that album because it only seemed even more perfect that they play with an orchestra because Metallica is so epic.  I love classical music, I was raised on it since I was taught classical piano, but the mix of metal and an orchestra is amazing.  The song playing above is “Nothing Else Matters”…that guitar solo is so sick, I kept thinking on my drive to my mom’s house that I need to get piano sheet music for this song.  So I’m on the search for that.  Check the video out below, its someone playing the piano for Nothing Else Matters…amazing…I can’t play like that, I’d need daily practice for about one month to play like that.  I wish my grandpa really taught me to play guitar, it’s still part if me to want to learn though, maybe one day?  Anyways, doesn’t this piano version sound sort of like Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata?  Which is one of my favorite pieces by Beethoven.

Anyway, my updates!
* Europe:
We leave for our European Adventure on September 2nd.  I am not looking forward to our flight from San Francisco straight to London!  I need to order some books for my iPad for sure!  You know, airplanes should really invest in massage therapist for flights longer than four hours.  I can see it now!  Take a few rows in the back of the plane.  Add a massage table  or even a massage chair and hire a therapist to work on people. Look, it’s bad for people to sit for a long time, ever heard of something called deep vein thrombosis?  It’s the potential for blood clots forming in the legs…people need to get up and move if they are on a long flight, even just to stand for a moment.  I hate long flights, but I tolerated them much more when I was in my twenties…but I think I’ve flown a lot by now and my patience has grown shorter for the whole flying procedure. 😛 It was easier back in the day.

But are we excited?  Josh is busy studying for an exam he’s taking this friday and when Josh studies..he STUDIES.  So we won’t let ourselves be quite excited yet…we are focusing on his test first.  Then after he takes his test we can focus 100% on our trip.  But I can’t wait…I get to see a cousin of mine I haven’t seen in forever…like since I was a child…so that’ll be nice.

* Dogs:

Sky is great, she gets separation anxiety when we leave on a trip, but my friend does a great job at house and doggy sitting.  Nani girl has learned to go down the stairs.  She hasn’t had her steroid treatment for almost two weeks now and she’s doing pretty good.  I am noticing she’s losing more hair though.  She’s lost hair on her face (her beard area), the hair on her ears are thinned out and hair on her belly is thin too.

She’s blind, but she doesn’t give up and now she can go down the stairs without me worrying.  Today she needed some coaching but most times she can do it without prompting.  It’s how I gauge her energy level.  I’m watching her really closely since she hasn’t had her steroids and I think she’s doing pretty good.  Last night she came upstairs pretty late.  To get to sleep next to me, she stands up and leans on my side of the bed so I can hear her panting…that means she needs help up.  And she’s my baby dog, so she gets to cuddle beside me.  Well both my dogs are spoiled and sleep on the bed (it’s an awful bad habit..because Sky is too big).  If Nani is sleeping at the foot of the bed in Sky’s spot, Sky wakes me up by sitting on the floor on my side of the bed muttering and whining.  It’s SO annoying.  I have to wake up, grab Nani (I try not to shock her when I do grab her but that’s hard) and drag her to sleep next to me just so Sky can take her place by my feet.

*Marriage and life in general?
It’s all good!  Do I feel different being married to Josh?  Nope..as my best friend said to me often it’s like Josha and I were married already because I think we lived together for a year before our wedding, we got to know each other and learned how to live together.  We can’t wait to start a family so yup, I guess you can say we are officially “trying”.  I have so many people who I talked to that just got married and just got pregnant who keep telling me trying is the best part…and I tend to laugh because “trying” means having sex with the goal of getting pregnant.  Such a brain switch you know?  Most of my life I was having sex and trying NOT to get pregnant, now it’s like..okay!  It’s weird…

My hair- I’m going to chop it off.  I’ve been wanting to chop it for awhile now, but I wanted long hair for my wedding.  Now that the wedding is over, time to chop-chop! 🙂


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