Love and Nature Quotes

Just having some fun making quote images with photos from my camera, just to kill time before heading to bed.  I guess I need to fulfill something creative in me.  I used to draw a lot…maybe I’ll try and pick that up again, just for kicks?

I did end up finding the piano sheet music to Nothing Else Matters by Metallica and some other sheet music, including November Rain by Guns N Roses and Beth by Kiss.  All last week I was having fun playing the piano.  It feels good to play.  I don’t play very well anymore but just doing something familiar reminds me of being younger and the creativity juices in me.  I let it out by drawing, painting, dancing, playing the piano, writing…etc…it’s a good reminder to always try something new again to keep your brain working in different ways.  I heard that it keeps you young too 🙂

You can add blogging to the list also 😉  It’s something new that I love to do!
Thanks for reading!!


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