Fun with Photo Apps

So last night I was playing with a few photo apps.  I love instagram and I have a few others of course.  This one I was playing with last night is called Snapseed.  I also use a PhotoStudio software thingy that came with my Canon camera I think…actually I’m not sure what it came with and no I’m not a techy, so yes, I do say things like “thingy”…drives Josh bonkers sometimes.  I don’t pretend to be stupid about these things, I AM stupid about these things…haha, but I’m a fast learner and I ask Josh lots of questions if I’m looking for technical terms.

The Hello pic above is a pic of my wireless keyboard…and I used the H to make the word hello obviously.  It was neat trying all the different features.

And of course my model and muse, miss Nani-Girl is in the photo above.  I used Snapseed again, trying out the different effects and filters.  She looks so sad in this picture 😦 but it’s because it was night and bed time.  She’s my cuddle bunny, my snuggle puppy (okay she isn’t a puppy, she’s going on 10 years old…old lady), she’s like my little teddy bear.  And as the quote on the pic says, “a heartbeat at my feet”…she follows me everywhere.

Anyway, just playing around, I’ll show the pics I played with on my Pixlromatic app soon.  🙂


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