Traffic Remedies

I hate traffic.  I hate it more because I’m such a townie and was used to living about twenty minutes from anywhere I needed to go.  Sure I had to drive out further for beaches like North Shore, Waimanalo or even Koolina, but I guess I didn’t drive out much that way anyway.  Only once in awhile.

Now I live in Ewa Beach, which is about 17 miles from my old home and parent’s house in Kalihi.  On Mondays I drive into rush hour traffic to babysit my nephews (and other days they need me, last week they needed me Thursday and Friday).  So on a day with NO traffic, I can get there sometimes in 30 minutes.  But every Monday morning obviously there is going to be traffic.  Traffic by Waikele, traffic by Pearl City, and then bumper to bumper traffic at the Middle Street Merge where Moanalua Freeway and H-1 merges into a three lane freeway.  You go from 6 lanes (3 on Moanalua and 3 on H-1) to 3 lanes at the Middle Street merge…RIDICULOUS…and this is town, where everyone and their mamas work)….and now that I don’t live in town, I feel the frustration of the suburbanites that live out in Mililani, Wahiawa, Ewa, Kunia and can you imagine if you live out in Waianae and work in town?  Holy…moly…I’d go crazy.

I don’t work full-time, I work on-call..and yes there is a potential to work a full time shift if I wanted to as on-call, but I don’t think I could do the morning shift…I did last week and I was almost late, yet I allowed myself about 90 minutes to get to work…and I was almost LATE.  That means, just in case traffic is bad…I need to leave 2 hours before my work shift…and that’s me driving my own car into town.

When I used to work in down town and first moved to Ewa I took the bus.  I woke up at 5am, got ready, fed the dogs, walked the dogs and had to get to my bus stop at 6:45am in order to be at work by 8am.  Not too bad because buses get to go in the Zip Lane, so yup, once we get past traffic and onto the zip lane, we moved pretty quick until we got to the middle street merge.

So working on-call is nice for me and I get to go into town (which I do miss sometimes) once in awhile since my work place is at Ala Moana Shopping Center.

As I drove into town today with the traffic and the rain…I wondered how the 5 day a week commuters deal with the drive into town.

For me…I was a little more prepared today.

I went to a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, near my house and got me a Cookies n Cream Ice Blended, no whip.  🙂  Yum…and a Red Velvet Cake Doughnut (which I can’t even eat right now because I sucked down the ice blended on my hour drive into town).

photo via Security Blanket

My first sip was heaven!  Next…I needed some tunes in my car for the drive.  Of course it started to rain, hard, so I thought…great, traffic is going to be worse with the rain.  And sure enough there were lots of cars on the road, but they were moving…SLOWLY…but at least they were moving.  I can tolerate that.

So what did I hear on the radio?

Love my Pat Benatar…I saw her at the Blaisdell Concert Hall a few years ago.  She’s older but she can still belt it out!  So this got me started on my drive…haha

Then…I changed the station and heard…

 Hate me, but I love my Britney.  Sure it’s all pop and she lip syncs, but her albums always motivate me to keep going if I’m working out on the elliptical.  LOL…so it’s good for something!  I think it’s worth my money to pay for her songs if it helps me lose some weight and keeps me exercising…it just makes me want to dance.  Which I love to do…or used to when I felt like I had better energy.  But that is definitely something I’m working on.  Trying to exercise more!

Then I decided to skip the drive through Red Hill, because last week, it drove my blood pressure higher than it needed to be.  Seriously…I HATE being near the middle street merge, I’m just happy that my parents live above it, so I don’t have to drive through it when I go to Kalihi.  I took H-1 to the Airport viaduct instead which felt better to me, I think it moved better too and I could get off at Middle Street without being stuck in bad traffic.  My friend text me (I only checked my message later…but he said he saw me on the freeway and was gonna ask if they could cut in front of me) and I thought uh oh, did you see me singing and bobbing my head in the car?!  He said yes…LOL…because…..I was then listening to…

Enter Sandman by Metallica!  Such a great song to drive to on the freeway….except I was trying to do my air guitar and head bang…and of course my friend saw it.  Embarrassing! Thanks caffeine for getting me all hyper.

So that’s how I get through my traffic woes lately.  What do you do?  I admire the people who drive it five days a week without going psycho…especially if there is an accident and the traffic is bad and you know you are going to be late to work…that’s a horrible, dreaded feeling, you know?  Talk about stress…

Well stay safe on the roads people and thanks for reading 😉


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