"Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish" – Steve Jobs, RIP

I just saw my friends tweeting about Steve Jobs passing and I was shocked and really, really sad.  Like, I cried, sad and I don’t even know the man personally!   But in a sense, if you own an Apple product, you are an owner of a little bit of his heart, dedication, genius and love.  I knew this day was coming because he looked skeletal on t.v. but…I never knew I’d be so sad when the day was here.

I know there are many out there who hate him because he “controlled” too much and he was always saying something to get people irritated.  But then again not a lot of people thought Mozart was such a swell guy either when he was alive.

I love Apple and no, not because of the iPod or iPad….my sister owned a big boxy Macintosh back in the 90’s.  She had a student discount on it or something like that…anyway…we had one!  I ended up using it a lot for school papers.  Also, my friends who didn’t have computers would come over and use mine….I even brought that monstrosity to college with me!!  LOL…I loved that thing.

photo via Telegraph

Eventually by my Senior year in college I convinced my mother to buy me a Toshiba laptop at CompUSA…this was in 1999…

Speaking of 1999…I took a computer graphics class in my Senior year and absolutely LOVED it.  In the lab they had one side with PCs and one side with Macs.  I used both, interchangeably.  Some students only could use PCs and I didn’t understand why they thought Macs were so hard!  I preferred doing my graphics on the Mac…for some reason it looked better on the screen, which inspired me to do more graphics on it.  I loved it…that class made me wish I majored in art instead….but it was my Senior year so I was too late for that.

After college I used my laptop Toshiba until it died on me.  My sister at the time had an HP PC which always crashed…I hated that stupid blue screen, so I never trusted her pc and continued to use my Toshiba.  When I married Bobby and he wanted to get a laptop he ended up with a Toshiba also from CompUSA…but I always wanted a Mac again.

photo via Mia’s Media Blog

In 2005 I got my apple desk top, the one with the screen that was about 2 inches thick…Bobby was wary of the computer because he wasn’t used to Macs but eventually he began to enjoy using it too.  Like me he picked up using both PC and Mac pretty quick!  He complained in the beginning but after that it was a piece of cake, nothing scary about it.

Then he bought me an iPod, 30 gigs and it was like my EVERYTHING…I couldn’t survive without it.  I took it with me everywhere!  My music went with me EVERYWHERE.  Then I bought him a red Nano and he took it to work with him, so he could play music in HIS bus and his truck…then he bought a clip on ipod shuffle to work-out with

photo via flowers plane

I think after the iPod he fell in love with Apple products too…and when the iPhone came out…he waited a few months because it was so expensive…but finally, on MY birthday, he bought himself one, I remember because I was there with him…20 days later he had his accident and he was gone.  One of the things they gave back to me was that iPhone…only 20 days old, now scratched up from him wearing it the day he died…the headphones were in his ears when it happened because I got the earphones back, severed…I didn’t know what to do with that phone…but for some reason, knowing he was listening to it in that moment…knowing he called me from it just a few hours ago…I kept it.

It’s my phone now and I use it.  It’s pretty dinged up and yes it’s a first generation phone and it’s REALLY slow…and in one month it’ll turn 4 years old…but it’s Bobby’s.  He held it once.  I will be getting a newer phone hopefully soon…dunno when.  🙂

I bought my sister her first iPod touch for christmas 2007 or was it 2008?  Not sure…but it was the touch screen when touch screen was soooo amazing…right?  Her kids now play with it because it has all these game apps.  But I remember she was like “I don’t know how to work this thing!”  and I told her she better learn because her kids would be playing with more sophisticated gadgets in a couple of years…sure enough…those boys can work an iPhone and iPad like they were born to do so.

I bought a MacBook Pro after Bobby died and stopped using the desktop.  I love my laptop, it’s going to be 3 years old now, but I love it.  One day, maybe a Macbook Air?  I dunno…I love my Pro 🙂  And now I have my iPad 2, my gift from Josh…the biggest Apple hater ever, he’s such a PC (you know like that commercial?)…LOL…I say that with a smile because he and I would argue about PCs and Macs…we’re such dorks!!  But he has an iPhone 3G…and so I was VERY surprised when he bought the iPads.  Did my talk about how I love apple products really sneak it’s way into his head?  hehe…

photo via cnet.com

Remember when the iPad came out and people said “what do I need that for?  you spend a lot of money to do ‘nothing’…” blah, blah, blah…well I wondered what people needed it for also…but then I read an article from a design magazine.  The editor wrote about innovation and the iPad…it wasn’t that you do “nothing” with it…the iPad was a QUESTION mark…what WILL you do with it?  The editor talked about the blank slate and the possibilities before your eyes when you have an iPad in your hand…the scary thing was that it was up to you to create what you wanted it to mean to you.  For me, I email, I check my facebook, I have game apps and writing apps, I even draw on it!  I have my “libraries” from Nook and Kobo on it.  I have music on it, my nephews play with it, I read on it, I have my photos on it…I can take it with me all around the house, I look up recipes.  If Josh and I are in a battle of wrong or right, I google on it in that very instant just to see what the answer is!  LOL…Josh reads on it, checks the news, watches videos, watches The Office reruns and he studies on it.

photo via Cool House Online

How did this man Steve Jobs affect my life?….my MEMORIES are imprinted and attached to the products I, Bobby and Josh bought from his company.  I always bought Apple because they were sleek and I love “design” and the interface is vibrant and clear and juicy and fun (it’s the artist in me…I apologize!)   From my 30 gig ipod that eventually became my dad’s first Apple gadget, Bobby’s iPhone, to me and my nephews making movies and videos together on my MacBook Pro, to Josh’s gift of the iPad 2 for my wedding present with it’s “Landa, I Love You” engraved into it…I can’t imagine my whole life without Steve Jobs’ innovation and well loved products.  And what about Toy Story the movie, which Pixar created and Steve Jobs owned Pixar at that time….my nephews LOVE that movie and it came out 16 years ago!  But did it change cartoon movies forever? Hell yes.  I appreciate that he took the time to love the products he created and that he LOVED creating.

When I was in Europe, all of us would ask aloud…why don’t we have innovative artists like Leonardo da Vinci and the other artists, in the world today?  But I think we did.  His name was Steve Jobs.  A techie and an artist.  He combined the two.  I think that was his genius…he made it possible to love the thing you hold in your hand…almost like how artists of the Renaissance made you love the ceiling above you, or the walls around you, or the music you listened to, or the cathedral you went to worship in, or the streets you like to walk on.  He didn’t necessarily invent things…he took things and made it different from what they were, just as an artist would.  He changed the way we used things and how we functioned through our day….

He took music and said…maybe we should be listening to it like this.  He took a phone and said…maybe we should use a phone like this…and why CAN’T it do this and this as well…why does it have to be just a phone?  He took a computer and said, why does it have to be a black box?  Why can’t it be white…or silver…?  YES, YES!!  Thank you because I love my silver Macbook Pro and my white iPad.

You paint a woman sitting in a chair and but an artist will make her the Mona Lisa.  You can look at a slab of marble and think…oooo, my living room floor, but Michaelangelo would see Mary holding a dying Jesus in her arms and call it the Pieta.  It’s “vision”…it’s taking something and making it into something better….

It makes me really sad that we didn’t have another 30 years of that innovation of his.  Josh said that the day Steve Jobs dies, it’ll be the end of Apple.  I’d argue, even as an Apple lover, that it’s OKAY…I WANT someone, I want more people in fact to come out and innovate like Steve Jobs.  Find someone even more innovated, more creative, more dedicated…because that would mean people are thinking and trying their best and loving what they create…that’s what innovation is…you can’t stop with just Steve Jobs…there has to be someone out there…someone in the wings who will make us love products the way Steve Jobs did.  His love for his work made me admire that of him, that he was willing to fail as long as he was trying and loving, even as people was hating.  I want just want one speck of his dedication in me…just even one spark…if we all had that courage to go after what we love…can you imagine the possibilities?

One day as I worked at the library and I read an article about Steve Jobs…yup, I read a lot in the library…I went online and googled him and found the Commencement address he wrote for a Stanford University graduation and I made a copy and gave it to my co-worker who was searching for the meaning of Life…below is a short paragraph of it, click the whole thing to read it all.

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.

Thank you Steve Jobs for leaving us a legacy of creativity, innovation and dedication.  Thank you for the apple products I own and love and thank you for sharing the best part of you with the whole world.  We are ever changed by your courage, vision and your tenacity to say to all hell with it, I’m gonna die someday, I better change the world NOW.  
With all that hard work you indeed changed the world, you surely did…and you truly deserve to rest in PEACE.  Job well done.

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