Italy in the movies

It’s Saturday morning and I woke up to make breakfast croissants for Josh and I.  Now that I work Thursday-Saturday and sometimes all day Sunday, the free time we had for each other isn’t there now, so we try to enjoy the moments we can together.

The breakfast croissants is Jack-in-the-Box inspired…and way less greasy.  I bought a box of 4 large butter croissants from our grocery store and thought…hmmm….so I cut 2 open and put it on a plate.  I scrambled some eggs, more egg whites than yolk and I added cheese…american cheese because I didn’t have cheddar, but I would think any cheese is fine.  Next time I’ll cook each egg separately, because scrambled is messy in a croissant…lol…and I put turkey slices on the croissant, ham would taste good too…so that was it.  Josh devoured it in a second.  Me too 🙂  Yum, I love breakfast!

After breakfast we went to the bank to finalize changing my name on our joint account, which is another thing off my list.  Yippee!

Josh then had to drive all the way into town to get his car serviced…I’m still at home, but I leave in another 3 hours to work my evening shift.  So I won’t see him until 9:30pm and tomorrow I work all day so that will have been our weekend together.  It’s not so bad…so I turned on the t.v. and checked all the movie channels and was smiling to myself…The Tourist (Venice)

When in Rome (Rome)

 Letters to Juliet (Verona, Siena…)

all on a Saturday morning!  I love it!  If only there was,  Under the Tuscan Sun (Tuscany/Portofino)-my favorite!!!

and Only You (Venice)

 and I’d be set.

 Italy in all it’s historic and beautiful glory all on t.v. and I still can’t believe I’ve been there!  and I did make the pasta with Alfredo sauce and white truffle oil.  I miss it all…but I have my memories and the movies to remind me how wonderful a country it is.

photo via Holiday Destinations

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