What Gives me Joy

I’ve been following Oprah’s Lifeclass online and tonight I caught the tail end of the actual show.  I did the online notebook questions today for the first four lessons and it was good!  I didn’t have time to watch the shows…but I’ll catch up.

Anyway, the show today was about “Joy”.

The Questions of the Day were:
What brings you joy?  
What steals your joy?
photo via Much Ado About Something

And I loved watching the Joy on people’s faces that she gave gifts to on the show.  It made me smile because today at work, I massaged a woman, who seemed over tired, stressed maybe and low energy.  While I massaged her…my thoughts drifted to saying a prayer in my mind for her, I usually do wish my clients well, just so they feel my good energy, hopefully it transfers to them.  And I thought about the happiest I had ever been…I thought about my wedding, the Joy I felt on that special and amazing day.  I remember it all but I remember my Joy the most.

Then on my way home I thought about my husband and dogs who were waiting in our home, waiting for me to come home from work.  When I got home and saw their faces, my Joy throbbed in my heart…it was more like a relief that I was home now.  My daily Joy is when I am home with them.

After watching the show, I thought it would be nice to make a list…and I make this list every couple months, just to remind myself how wonderful life is 🙂

What brings me JOY?
1. my husband spending time with me
2. my husband and his foot massages
3. when nani-girl curls up on my head to sleep
4. when sky let’s me lay my feet on her when i sleep
5. my dogs when they kiss me and cuddle me and nudge me and make me laugh
6. driving home from work
7. massaging people that really need the work
8. working at a place i enjoy and nice co-workers
9. when my mom makes adobo just for me 🙂
10. writing, writing, writing
11. good food
12. a really good book, especially by Laini Taylor
13. good memories
14. music…but not all the stuff they keep replaying on the radio/that drives me NUTS.
15. having my nephew Jacob read me a book when I tell him to read to me so I can take a nap…lol..
16. playing football with my nephew Isaiah 
17. when my nephews give me books so I can read to them…so much FUN!
18. looking at my wedding photos on Frank Amodo’s blog 🙂
19. Watching the way my nephews have so much fun with Josh
*So what brings YOU joy?*
Just remembering the little things will help you realize how much joy comes your way.  You just have to stop and appreciate and hold the moment before it goes away.  

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