More Wedding Escort Card Ideas

I know…
I know…

My wedding is done and I vow never to undertake another bout of wedding planning ever again.  Unless in ten years Josh and I renew our vows on…Lanai? LOL…kidding!!  BUT…sometimes I can’t help but miss researching ideas for weddings.

And yes, I still look at websites about weddings, because they are so fun and people are seriously creative! Here’s more wedding escort card ideas that I LOVE!!!!

photo via oh so beautiful paper photo taken by Kate Headley

I LOVE skeleton keys.  Who doesn’t?  Ever since Tiffany & Co. came up out with their keys and my friend and I bought them as remembrances for our trip to NYC and shopping on 5th Avenue, I’ve been in LOVE with keys.  I can even tie my love with keys because of Sarah Dessen‘s book which I LOVE as well, Lock and Key.  Anyway, how gorgeous are these escort cards?  I love how old they look.

photo via Elizabeth Anne Designs

Why do I love this map?  Because Josh and I love to travel.  It’s simple and fun!  Perfect for the couple that likes to travel.  The guests can look around the world for their seat-so to speak!

photo via The Bright Spot
And why not use the champagne glasses they’ll be using anyway?  They can take their glass to their seat.  I like this, it’s fancy without too much work.
photo via Wedding Bee

How pretty is this?  Guests can bring the candle to their table and they can keep it too!  Love this!  And I love candles…can you imagine how pretty it will be all lit up at the seat of every person you care about in attendance?  Awww….

photo via Chippewa Valley Post

Signature drinks were SUCH a hit at my outdoor wedding I think because it was hot before the sun went down.  But people were grateful for the drinks.  It’s why I love the idea of bottles being escort cards/favors.  It’s pretty, with bold color and will satisfy your guests thirst especially at an outdoor wedding!  Love, love, looovveee!
photo via Wedding Clan
I’m a book lover, so of COURSE I saw this and went….oh….that is SO me.  Now not everyone I know likes to read though…so I’d have to be careful to give it as a favor…but if it was only used as an escort card then the books can stay put as people find their seat number…but I’d need a bunch of books!  Haha…so cute!
I’m attending a wedding in November, can’t wait…it’ll be fun to be the guest again, instead of the bride. Hehe….:-)  I love weddings more now that I appreciate the details and hard work that take place to make it happen!

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