"Without You"

Ughhhh I love this song.  For one, I love Usher.  Since he came out on MTV when I was in high school and he was all like “it’s seven o’clock on the dot i’m in my drop top cruising the streets“…mmmmhmmmm…he’s just smooth and slick and he always changes it up without straying to far and every time it’s an Usher song…you KNOW it’s an Usher song.  It’s actually a David Guetta track featuring Usher.

But this song, I love because I love House music too…the mix is divine.  Every time I hear this song in the car, I think about walking the streets in Paris, my long nights dancing at the frat house in L.A. when I was in college, it makes me think of NYC, L.A., Madrid, Cancun…Las Vegas, home…I don’t know why but it makes me think of memories…even though it’s a new song, I have no memories linked to this song!

But that’s when you know it’s good.  It makes me want to dance and forget about everything else except how good the beat feels.

Without you….


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