Irresistible Force

Here’s an epic song by Jane’s Addiction.  The video is a little psychedelic and cosmic.  Anyway this song would be great to use in an action movie or something…let’s just say when I hear this on the radio it makes my drive home from work a lot less boring.

Nothing to report really on my life, honeymoon is over so Josh and I are just settling down into our routine of work, taking care of the dogs and relaxing.  Halloween is around the corner but because it’s on a Monday…we have no plans really.  Josh wants to throw a party but I babysit in town and by the time we both get home it’s nearly six o’clock…just enough time to pass out candy maybe.  Total bummer its on a weekday right?  Everyone works the next day!  😦

I haven’t even bought candy to pass out.  Our whole neighborhood goes all out and every house has some haunted house or party taking place.  People dress up and it’s a good time.  Maybe I’m partied out for the year?  LOL…I did plan a wedding, biggest party of them all.

I did wish that Hawaii would get cold enough for the trees to change color…but not so.  I did see some of that taking place in Paris, which was quite lovely.  Still it’s my favorite time of the year and I can’t wait for Thanksgiving and Christmas 🙂  Thanks for reading!


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