Getting Interested

I am a massage therapist…have been for ten years even though I took a five year break from it.  I needed the break because I couldn’t sleep due to a really horrible right hip ache from full-time massaging.  My clients were mostly guys…and get your mind out of the gutter, these were guys who wanted elbows, knees and all the strength I could give them, sadly enough I busted my lower back because of it.

Five years working in an office helped me out, BIG time.  On top of that I gained lots of weight, lost my ab muscles and now I’m a slouch.  It’s pretty bad.  After feeling unchallenged at the office, I quit and I’m back to massaging part-time.  I love it.

photo via Fingertips Massage

The first place I went to work massaging THIS time around was making me unhappy.  I liked doing physical labor again, it felt good to have my body moving and engaged again.  Plus I like meeting new people and fixing their kinks, it’s something I like to think I’m good at.  Except…one lady did complain about me, I was “too hard”…she told me she liked it hard…I gave her hard.  I let up after she couldn’t stop squirming and she FINALLY told me it was too hard…so she hasn’t happy with me.  I quit after two months.  They worked me like a slave with low pay and not ever booking me a lunch break which is seriously ridiculous.  The best thing about that job was when the military guys would come in (their wives would get them the massage…one of them even surprised him blind fold and was too cute) and these are the guys who’ve been deployed…it was an honor to massage them…it was sad too, these guys and their bodies and minds have been through hell.  It was nice to put them at peace for at least 80 minutes.

The place I’m working at now (my old work place before the office job) I absolutely love.  The people I work with are nice and some of them I’ve known for years, but the energy is great and I don’t need to hop from room to room (yay!)  The pay is better than the last place and I work less and they are always training me on something.  It’s so great!

But I  do feel like I’ve lost my skill and strength that I had eight years ago when I was turning out massages full-time.  My body won’t let me do that now…and yup, I’m listening to my body more now.

I had an interesting experience with one of my co-workers and he got me thinking about massage as a craft.  He’s fantastic…the most efficient massage I ever received was from him.  It was the most painful, torturous 50 minutes of my life.  I cried, I cursed, I bruised and it took me three days to recover BUT I recovered nicely…after a massage from him, I felt fixed.

Now that I work with him and I finally got to talk to him yesterday, I had an epiphany.  For one, he’s quite giving.  He’s willing to show his skills and teach anyone who is interested in listening.  I was interested!  Like I said, he’s efficient and one day he wants to be a chiropractor.  I hope he attains that dream.  I mention him because he told me he was doing massage for seven years and he got bored.  Bored.  I get it.  I got bored at the library a lot.  But then he switched his thinking.  In order to get interested in what he chose to do, he started learning more techniques and that learning has led him to know he wants to be a chiropractor.  He certainly has a gift.  I call him Mr. Fix-It because if he has no massages, he’s massaging everyone at work, showing them, telling them, helping them.

He showed me some techniques he learned and then I worked on him while he gave me pointers.  I got a new perspective about the job I’ve chosen to do…and since I’m spending my precious time doing it…I should do my BEST work on the people that pay to come and see me.  The pointers he gave me, I used today at work and it made me get interested in massage again.

Today I was rewarded with really awesome, nice people that was so appreciative after I gave them a massage.  That’s why I love doing massage.  People ask me, how can you massage anyone after 5 minutes…doing massage full-time you build up stamina and strength.  Then you meet other colleagues who show you tricks on ways to conserve your strength by doing massages more efficiently.  And I get massaged regularly…I need it.  I won’t be stupid about it this time around.  Eight years ago, I never got massaged…I waited and waited until my body broke.  Now I get a massage twice a month at least.

So I was inspired.  And I think we all need to be re-inspired about our jobs sometimes just so we get excited to do the thing we chose.

And to the people I see when they come into my massage room and tell me they want it hard and deep…(sigh)…some people don’t think I can do it but that’s what I used to do full-time.  Most people tell me to let up on them after I give them hard and deep, but it’s too much….right, okay.

Overall, I am happy.  I’m learning other skills at work and I’m meeting really awesome people who need help and I feel happy to help them.  I just had to be interested again.


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