Apple Cinnamon Cravings

Having travelled in the autumn and winter months to places like Colorado, Kansas and Pennsylvania, even a Hawaii girl like me can crave a cold night so I could have a fire place and drink mulled apple cider like I did in Kansas years ago.  Mmmm…yum!  Give me some snow and some pumpkin pie and I’d be set.

photo via Recipe Bloom

photo via Mitten Machen

photo via Luna Cafe

The closest I can get to a fire place is at The Lodge in Lanai where Josh and I got engaged.  It’s such a lovely place and maybe, just maybe we could sneak away one weekend to have a real honeymoon by ourselves this winter.

Aren’t these photos delicious…if you are a cinnamon freak like I am, then your mouth is watering like mine.  Forget about it, I’m going to make mulled apple cider this winter in Hawaii, cold or not!

As a side note, do you know how much fun it is to walk into Williams Sonoma during the fall and winter months?  The smells that come from that store is divine.  All my favorites: cinnamon, pumpkin, ginger…YUM!


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