Halloween Weekend

Halloween is on Monday and Josh and I have no plans whatsoever. Boo! 😦  It doesn’t help that it’s on a Monday and that by the time we both get home, it’ll be dark and depending on how traffic is on that day what time we’ll get home.  I didn’t even buy candy.

One neighbor behind us has gone all out decorating his house…from my living room window I can there is a ghost with red eyes, at night while I am watching t.v. or walking around my living room it’s a bit creepy…lol…fun too 🙂

I’m not dressing up the dogs for pictures this year, what’s the point?  At least I’m not working that day…I’m babysitting and that’s different.  I love how excited my nephews are to dress up and partake in the holiday festivities.  Too bad it’s not a REAL holiday where everyone gets the day off!  Last year Josh and I threw a party and my nephews had a grand time trick or treating and then passing out candy.

My nephews are going to be Transformers and Jacob insists that Uncle Josh should be Megatron…LOL, hilarious.  Oh they don’t care what I should be but Josh should be part of their costume scheme, thanks boys….they all stick together!

Anyone doing it up big this year?  We’ll see what happens.  I haven’t even bought candy! I’m so last minute.


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