Halloween 2011

Josh and I had no plans for Halloween BUT….last minute I asked a few friends if they wanted to come and help us pass out candy.  Josh wanted to barbeque hot dogs and hamburgers so we said, okay….it’ll be just us, but it can still be fun 🙂  Two of my friends said okay and I got to get home early enough to avoid traffic! 
Sky and Nani loved being with Brian again, my doggy sitter…Sky adores him which I am so grateful about because it’s hard for her to bond with people since she is shy and distrustful.  She was even really nice to Eunice! Yay 🙂  My friends helped me set up one side of the garage which was easier to decorate and easier to clean up too!  
My decorators!  Great job right? 

Three kids didn’t want to approach our table and started to cry…did it look that scary?

Josh came down stairs wearing his Game Over shirt from his bachelor party night and he pulled his pants all the way up his chest, put on my gardening hand and said he was a married old man.  OMG…we all started cracking up because it was TOOOOOO funny!!  Gotta be Josh.  
Then he fired up the grill and made burgers and hot dogs as he chit chatted with our neighbors.  The food was yummy!!  We started to eat as our first trick or treaters came by.

I’m a Witch and my hubby is an OLD MARRIED MAN…LOL…

First kid to come to our house was dressed in a mask, probably was eight or nine and went straight and put their hand in the bowl!  We were like WHOA…hold on there!  We wanted to hear “trick or treat” lol…but most kids didn’t say it.  From then on the kids kept coming and it was so much fun seeing them!

Happy Halloween!!!!

Take 2!

 There were so many fun costumes.  First favorite of mine was a family of Mario characters.  The baby was a mushroom head, mom was a question mark block, two boys were Maria and Luigi and dad just wore a red shirt, but I loved the family costume!

Tablecloth as a backdrop

There were many princesses, many spiderman costumes and transformer costumes.  People still rocked the Scream look (the older kids that is).  Two kids came as Urkel, which surprised us, because wasn’t Urkel part of our generation and not the younger kids?  Many older school kids came with their back packs…


There was one little boy dressed as bat man who came flying towards our house, running as fast as he could with the biggest smile on his face and his candy bag stretch out to receive goodies!!  He was SO cute and excited!  Josh sang the “bat man, dadadadadadadadada, bat man!” song and we copied as the boy stood there and wouldn’t leave.  Kids are so awesome.

Also our neighbors cat Rascal decided to join us in my garage and the kids trick or treating became fascinated with the cat!  Haha…

Is Minnie Mouse the CUTEST or what?!

 Little Miss Minnie Mouse had to be one of the cutest girls of the night!  A lot of the girls were princesses and fairies.  One girl at the end had the sweetest smile on her face and they said trick or treat. One boy said thank you without being prompted by his mom which was really sweet!

Claw man

Josh took over with passing out candy after he cooked us our food which was delicious!  And Brian and I finished the moscato in my fridge.  We saw one kid in an angry bird costume.

The Obamas trick or treating


Neighbors evil clown…yikes!

Our neighbor had a makeshift haunted garage with smoke and a sick clown.  Our other neighbor was dressed as a crazy clown and sat very still on his motorcycle and when kids approached the table, he revved the engine making them jump and scream.  Finally they actually scared one high school girl, one of the last trick or treaters who went running down the street when crazy clown came out from the garage coming after her…LOL…hilarious.

A swag head costume?

The neighborhood!

Overall it was a fantastic night of watching children with their pretty and sweet smiles and the joy on their faces!  What a night for kids right?  So much fun!!  Josh, our friends and I had a great time eating, laughing, passing out candy and planning for next year.  The plan is to change the garage into a “club” and make kids dance for their candy…LOL…strobe light and disco ball here we come! 🙂  We’ll see….

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!


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