33 and Counting!

Happy Birthday to me.  I turned 33 yesterday and even though I had to work I had a great day.  My husband woke me up by singing the happy birthday song to me and tickling my arm pits.  So I woke up laughing 🙂
From there I had a relaxing morning and was so appreciative of everyone who wished me happy birthday on Facebook.  My mom called me to wish me happy birthday and asked me if I was pregnant yet.  THANKS mom…hahaha.
A few days earlier I got a card from my friend in California with a gift card to Starbucks and my sister told me my gift was in her bedroom but that I couldn’t open the one wrapped in pink tissue paper because my nephew Jacob wanted me to open it in front of him.  How sweet is that?  I’m going over there later today to open it and read his card!
My awesome sister gave me my favorite book and a journal (i love journals!!) and a gift card to Barnes & Noble which I’ve already used up buying ebooks for my iPad.  So happy!!!  Then last night I had to work so I told my friend and matron of honor that I was going to bring cupcakes to work because it was my birthday but she surprised me saying that she got the same idea last night!  I went to work and had one massage…then got slammed with 3 more right after…so it was about 7pm that night when she, my other co-worker and I took out the box of cupcakes from Hokulani Bake Shop.  They sang to me and I ate my cupcake.  It was delicious and I’ve been craving them since my wedding!  HAHA, what an awesome gift.

Hokulani Cupcakes

My left overs last night…Josh and I are down to 2 1/2 this morning!! Hehe…

My friend also massaged my aching left hand and made me almost cry in pain!  Ahhh!  What a birthday treat…today I can’t go to work because my thumbs really do hurt.  I’ve been icing them all morning.  They feel a little better, but I hate icing any part of my body…it hurts!!  I love heat, but the hot water hurt my palms as I washed dishes this morning so I have to ice it all day because I work 8 hours tomorrow.  But I have to remind myself to use my elbows and forearm more.  I injured my thumb working on my 6th customer this past Sunday…his back and next was the hardest body I had ever worked on in my 10 years of doing massage and I made the mistake of trying to break his muscles down and not succeeding.  I only succeeded in hurting my hands.  😦

I’ve had a wonderful birthday and the older I get all I want are the little things like cupcake, books, home made cards and family and friends.  It fills my heart with joy.  Happy birthday to me!

UPDATE!  So I went over to my sister’s house today and got to open my gift from Jacob. 🙂

Birthday card from my nephew Jacob

Here is the card Jacob made for me!! 🙂

Thank you Isaiah!

Isaiah made this one 🙂

What could be in this pretty Betsey Johnson box?!

I love it!

My sister was trying to get Jacob to pick a skull ring but Jacob picked this necklace.  He told me the middle cross is ME, the left cross is him and the right cross is Isaiah.  Isn’t that the cutest?!!  I love it…been rocking the Betsey J a lot this year.  Tonight I will wear this necklace to my birthday dinner with Josh.  He’s taking me to Roy’s at Koolina.  YUM!!!


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