Dogs Love

Veteran’s day is coming up and I’ll be at work that day so I be celebrating it.  Since I just posted quotes about dogs on my Tracing Echoes Blog I wanted to post videos, photos, articles on here about how dogs help our fellow soldiers.  And don’t our soldiers need the help after what they have done for us?

photo via

photo via Itchmo

photo via Cambridge Confidential

After watching these many videos that I found, it made me realize.  Dogs get deployed too!  They work to find bombs to help our deployed soldiers stay safe…how amazing is that?  And they get paid with food, tummy scratches and praise.

I remembering watching one Dog Whisperer episode where the military k-9 dog came back with PTSD.  Yup, the dog was scared of loud noises (because of being in a war zone).  Of course that episode made me cry because eventually Caesar Milan got the dog out of it, but it reminded me that dogs “work”.  As service dogs to the disabled population, including our military vets.  They deploy overseas to be service dogs to people experiencing trauma while deployed as well.  All they do is gaze at you with loving eyes and your heart fills with joy.  I want that for our soldiers…and for everyone really, to experience that joy an animal can bring.

Money can only buy you so much happiness.  I’ve seen homeless people with dogs…and do you think that dog is complaining that he sleeps on a sidewalk?  Nope, as long as he’s with his owner (good owners because there are those that beat and abuse these animals), dogs are happy.

Thank you to the soldiers that are still in the war fighting and thank you to the vets who have fought and suffered.  And thank you to the service dogs that don’t see a disabled vet: they see a person in need, someone to give them encouraging words of love and praise and a body to lay against and comfort, and a job to do…to care for their human.


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